iPhone 12 rumor: iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max to get a 120Hz screen display panel


New iPhone 12 rumor speculates that the new Apple phone lineup will sport a screen panel that can support 120Hz screen refresh rate.

One week after WWDC 2020, Apple enthusiasts are still left wanting more from the company. The online event was a blockbuster hit. It was such because Apple opened the gates for all Apple and non-Apple followers to see the event live.

No new hardware outside of the Apple Silicon was announced during the event despite heavy rumors prior to it. Nonetheless, the release of the refreshed iOS 14 and other Apple operating systems only whetted the appetites of its viewers more. As such, Apple followers can expect the company to release a massive line up of devices starting with the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 120Hz screen display

IceUniverse, a famous leaker, just Tweeted that an iPhone 12 rumor that the new phones will receive the 120Hz screen refresh rate treatment. IceSilver is known to be a specialist only of Samsung leaks. However, his leak is relevant this time because Samsung will produce the screen panels of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

This leak cannot be confirmed until Apple’s September event. Nonetheless, the leak is big news for many would-be iPhone 12 buyers. Earlier leaks suggest that Apple will cut up to AU$75 from the iPhone 12’s predecessor. If Apple makes good on these leaks, new iPhone 12 users will get a good bang for their buck for this new feature.

The new screen will allegedly be called the 120Hz ProMotion. Also, it will only be available to the higher-end iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Also, the new panel may just be Apple’s way to integrate an Apple Pencil support moving forward.

20W charger to ship inside the box

Another earlier leak showed that the whole iPhone 12 lineup will also have a better charger inside the box. Apple users have been enduring problems from the weak 5W charger that shipped with their iPhones in the past years. Fortunately, Apple seems to have listened to its users this time.

According to the leak, the company will be dropping the 5W charger moving forward. Instead, a 20W charger will ship as a standard for the new iPhones. This is another big news for iPhone 12 buyers. Not only will they get the discount mentioned earlier, but they will also have to spend less to get a better charger.

All in all, new iPhone users may get up to $150 of discounts with these two new leaks.

Image from DenPhotos/Shutterstock

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