iPhone 12 series to sell over 55 million units by Q1 2021

As per new reports, Apple’s iPhone 12 series is likely to sell over 55 million units by Q1 of 2021. That translates into more revenue!

According to Notebook Check, Cowen analysts’ recent report reveals an excellent projection for the current iPhone 12 series. It’s expected to sell over 55 million units worldwide in the first quarter of the year. And that’s quite obvious to happen as the demand has been strong so far.

However, among all the four new versions, only the 12 Mini seems to be a failure. Not many buyers have gone for it since its launch.

iPhone 12: The best-selling smartphone in the line-up

Speaking of all the four models, then the best-selling phone has been the regular, non-pro variant. Cowen analysts’ report also hinted towards that. Apple is right now witnessing a higher-than-expected sales growth for the iPhone 12 line-up. It’s happening despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the economy.

The predictions of more than 55 million units are also higher than Cowen’s projections made previously. And that’s impressive while considering all the present factors. Interestingly, most of the demand for the new series is coming from China. An improved economic situation in the Asian nation must have contributed to that.

When it comes to how each of the models performs, the regular iPhone 12 is undoubtedly the top-selling entry among the rest. It has contributed half of the sales volume so far. The Pro versions are also doing great. Only the 12 Mini has resulted in a disappointment. It can be because Apple tried to marketize it as a compact flagship smartphone, which is a great thing since currently, there are no other premium phones with a smaller size.

However, 2020 also saw the release of the 2nd gen iPhone SE which was a hit among those looking for an affordable compact model. And it also offers 2019’s flagship A13 chipset with a truly great performance. And comparing it with the 12 Mini can’t be justified since the latter is still above the range of many buyers who want a cheaper iPhone. And thus, the Mini variant witnessed very less demand in the last few months.

Upcoming surprises from Apple in 2021

Meanwhile, this year will be once again crucial for the California tech giant. It will try to maintain its lead over the rivals with the upcoming announcements and huge reveals.

Just like the iPhone 12 line-up, fans are now waiting for the next generation, that is, the iPhone 13. It’s surrounded by lots of rumors right now. While some of them feel likely to happen, others should be taken with a grain of salt. Apple’s other significant announcements will also include the upcoming version of the iPhone software, iOS 15. It will be revealed at the forthcoming WWDC event later this year.


Image courtesy of GSMArena Official/YouTube Screenshot

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