iPhone 12 to have wireless charging with magnetic attachment

A ring of magnets is rumored to be part of the upcoming Apple iPhone 12. Rumor says it is intended for charging.

EverythingApplePro tweeted yesterday and provided what it seemed was a round magnet that was attached to the back of an iPhone 12’s chassis. In the case of the iPhone 12, it is not yet clear as this is just a rumor, as reported by 9to5Mac.

Chinese accessory manufacturers believe that these magnets will be included in the new set or parts of the phone. Magnets were used on select Apple devices such as the iPad Pro, where there were magnets attached to aid for Magic Keyboard attachments.

Magnets with Purpose

Wireless charging has been changing the shape of powering devices but one of the complaints mostly by the users is that lining-up of the phone is kind of a nuisance and hassle. With these magnets, this will aid the device, not to fall-off or dismember when charging on a pad (charging pad).

It’s like a mimicry from charging the Apple Watch (the magnetic charging experience). Also earlier this year, the company was rumored to be developing a smaller charging pad that is wirelessly intended to fuelling the phone.

Could this be a comeback for the AirPower Project?

Apple iPhone 12 to have wireless charging with magnetic attachment

AirPower Project, which was born in 2017 was later on canceled, a project that seems promising due to its wireless charging experience with pads equipped with multiple coils that could empower charging wirelessly.

However, Apple engineers have been facing tough challenges during this development of the AirPower Project like overheating and other issues. This project was also launched together with the iPhone X.

Dan Riccio in its statement last year said that the reason for not pursuing this project is that it did not meet the standards of the company resulting in cancellation.
Another photo posted by EAP (EverythingApplePro) on twitter is an iPhone case wherein there is a magnet embedded in it. According to EAP, it will likely be used to perfect alignment with Apple’s wireless chargers.

With 36 single magnets forming a circular array and a 2 lined magnets below, this could signify that this is intended for wireless charging alignment.

For now, we can safely assume that this might be for wireless charging or something that Apple is working to add-up to its features. Could it be for mounting or charging? We don’t know exactly yet what the use of these magnets is.

Is this the rebirth of unfinished business for AirPower? Can this time Apple pull-off the wireless charging experience?

Images used courtesy of You Tech/YouTube Screenshot

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