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iPhone 12 users reporting drops in cellular coverage


Apple released its newest iPhone 12 series about a month ago, but its users are constantly reporting serious issues. And it’s about cellular coverage.

According to Macrumors, many people using iPhone 12 have reported cellular coverage issues. Problems of persistent drops in 5G and LTE connectivity are annoying to the buyers who recently upgraded to the latest line-up.

Discussions on Reddit have recently revealed that there are problems when it comes to network reception on the new line-up.

iPhone 12: A hit or a miss?

The ongoing issues involve loss of connectivity while walking, traveling, or even being at home. In simple words, the latest iPhone series is irritating with unstable coverage; for example, the signals vanish in the middle of a conversation. There’s even a “no service” message that keeps popping on the screen. And that too, when the users are in an excellent area enabling a stable network.

One reason, as per the Technical support of Apple, can be how iPhone 12 series switches signals between cellular towers. It’s quite interesting to observe that all new models pass the diagnostic tests before the launch every year. But still, this problem has surprised many iOS device users.

And another crucial thing to note is that it’s not happening in the case of just one specific carrier. Consumers on various services are complaining about it.

One common solution is to toggle Airplane mode on and off. However, the coverage issue is still present in many people’s phones. It seems like it needs a permanent fix from the company itself. Maybe a future software update will surely solve the problem once and for all.

Despite this unexpected hindrance, the latest series has impressed many tech enthusiasts. Be it the non-pro or the pro variants, and buyers love their newly purchased iPhones. Although reviews have been positive, some of them have been critical as well.

Plans for the next generation

Meanwhile, Apple is now busy with its plans for the next big thing. iPhone 13 is already rumored to arrive with unexpected features. And strong speculations are even hinting towards the grand return of Touch ID alongside Face ID! If that happens, it will be a big phenomenon. Because so far, the California tech giant hasn’t adopted the dual security combination on any of its iPhone line-up.

Well, it will be great to get both types of phone unlocking features in the next generation. In the meantime, the iPhone 12 models have surely got a big responsibility on themselves of delivering upon expectations. But firstly, Apple really needs to fix the current cellular coverage issue.

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