iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 8: Should you upgrade now?

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 8: Should you upgrade now?

Should you have plans in the future, this could help you decide whether to buy the latest iPhone 12 or not. If you are using the 2017’s iPhone 8, here are some comparisons you need to know.

iPhone 12 is here, and it comes in four models. This latest iPhone model has already wowed its audience as features and specifications make it even better now.

According to CNET, the iPhone 12 is most suited for most people, and the phone got its highest rating. No wonder this latest iPhone from Apple got the highest rating aside from its 5G capability. The introduction of MagSafe charging also added to its advantage.

If you are an iPhone 8 user and are thinking of upgrading your phone to the latest iPhone model, here are some side-to-side comparisons of the old and new.

5G for iPhone 12

For starters, the latest iPhone is powered by 5G. It is the first iPhone to offer a 5G network, and some of the carriers are saying that a 5G mobile phone works twice as fast as its predecessor.

But 5G coverage in the US does not work across the states.

Some areas in the US get zero coverage, while other large cities are mostly covered by 5G connectivity, mostly catered for by the carriers. But you must take note that there is no concept of an all-embracing 5G network.

What you can do is to check first the availability of 5G connectivity from where you live or work. If none, the bright side of still purchasing a 5G powered iPhone 12 is that you are future-ready.

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 8: Should you upgrade now?

MagSafe charging

We all know before the launch of the iPhone 12 that it will come with a wireless charging capability, and the rumor has it. The introduction of wireless charging is the newest feature that almost everyone is looking for, thanks to MagSafe.

However, you won’t be able to have it when you purchase the iPhone 12. The MagSafe is being sold in the market separately. The concept of letting go of wall adapters and having a wireless charging experience is what Apple has wanted ever since.

They started with AirPods, then here’s the MagSafe. The price might be hefty for MagSafe, and if you still see that the iPhone 8 is excellent and practical, maybe the next comparison might help you be in the middle.

A14 Bionic processor

The latest Apple iPhone 12 is packed with an A14 Bionic processor that is also used for the iPad Air. The processor is the fastest processor for the iPhone so far, according to Holland of CNET.

In terms of battery longevity, the latest iPhone could last up to 17 hours, while the iPhone 8 could last up to 13 hours, according to preliminary tests.

Better display

iPhone 12 uses a premium OLED panel while the iPhone 8 uses an LCD. In short, the iPhone 12 could be the best phone today if you are looking for a better display panel.

Images used courtesy of Jayson Dionisio/YouTube Screenshot.

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