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iPhone 13, completely portless, possibly notchless


The iPhone 13, to be released next year, will allegedly be completely different than the iPhone 12, which has still yet to reach its buyers.

Users around the world still have yet to receive their pre-ordered iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Mini aren’t available yet for pre-orders. Nonetheless, the internet is already busy scouring details about the next iPhone 13.

The curiosity is justified as the iPhone 12 isn’t actually a big jump from the iPhone 11. Except for the wireless charging with MagSafe and 5G connections, the new model is just basically a refreshed model of last year’s.

iPhone 13 will be completely portless, but with better batteries

Apple, this year, has started to slowly transition to a more eco-friendly future. In the name of producing less waste, the company completely ditched the wall charger and the EarPods. Also, instead of shipping a USB-A to Lightning, Apple is including a USB-C to Lightning cable charger.

LeaksApplePro tweeted a leak, stemming from an internal meeting that the iPhone 13 will be a huge jump from the iPhone 12. The introduction of the MagSafe charging is the entryway for the iPhone 13 to be completely portless. Also, with the faster charging that comes with the new charger, Apple will also, allegedly place a bigger battery on the iPhone 13.

In other words, despite sacrificing the port, Apple will try to make it up to its users by providing a bigger battery. This means that charging on the iPhone 13 will be less often. It remains to be seen how this will be accepted by the masses. Nevertheless, Apple isn’t new to this scene.

It has ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack before to push its wireless earphones revolution. It has survived that phase and will also, most likely, survive another bold move forward.

Huge in-display finger scanner with TouchID

In the same leak, LeaksApplePro said that the iPhone 13 will have an in-display Touch ID. Unlike the ones found in the Android phones now, the TouchID will span the entire lower half of the display. In other words, the user can rest his finger on any point of the lower part of the screen and unlock the phone.

It can also mean that the iPhone 13 will finally let go of the notch after so many years with it. Naturally, FaceID is more seamless than TouchID when it comes to practicality. However, finally getting rid of the notch could be a more pressing concern for Apple.

Up to this point, everything mentioned so far is all rumors. As such, they may or may not come in the iPhone 13.

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