iPhone 13 ‘confirmed’ with smaller notch, no USB-C port

iPhone 13 'confirmed' with smaller notch, no USB-C port

The iPhone 13 is as good as confirmed to have a smaller notch and a slightly better battery compared to the previous model.

The first batch of big leaks about Apple 2021 has hit the internet. Famous Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo just released an investor’s note about the next wave of Apple products.

He details out the majority of the products that will hit the market this month. He even has forecasts of what Apple products will be for the next years. As to whether these are true or not, only Apple can confirm. Nonetheless, Kuo has so far been relatively accurate with his information.

iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch and larger batteries

Kuo notes that Apple will release the next iPhone this year. To quiet out rumors, he calls the phone the iPhone 13. In other words, rumors regarding the next Apple phone to be iPhone 12s are as good as dead.

With regard to the phone itself, fans shouldn’t expect major upgrades externally. However, Kuo notes that one major difference will be the notch. He says that the forehead will have a shorter width. Unfortunately, he didn’t clarify just how much shorter it will be.

The screen technology is also set to receive a huge overhaul. The new iPhone 13, according to Kuo, will soon support a 120Hz refresh rate. It will be assisted with LTPO technology, which will make the performance of the iPhone more power-efficient.

The cameras of the Pro models are also set to get an internal upgrade, particularly for the ultra-wide lens. Kuo reports that the lens will be upgraded from a 5P (f/2.4) and fixed focus to a 6P (f/1.8) and auto-focus.

No USB-C port for the iPhone 13

Last year, it was rumored that Apple is going for the punch with USB-C on its devices. It turned about to be true and false. It was true because Apple replaced the lightning port on the iPad Air with USB-C. However, it was false because the iPhone still sports the old proprietary charging port and cable.

Sarcasm aside, Apple did eventually adopt USB-C on the iPhone. It is just unfortunate that it came on the wrong side of the cable when it replaced the charging cable’s USB-A to USB-C.

There is still hope for Apple to integrate USB-C on its flagship phones. It might just come a little later. If the iPad Air has already bit the bait, then the next iPads and the iPhones are likely to follow.


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