iPhone 13 is expected to sell 90 million units by the year-end


iPhone 13 might be a few months away from an official release, but current projections have already declared it a hit in terms of sales.

According to the latest reports, the iPhone 13 will sell nearly 90 million units by the end of the year, after its arrival.

iPhone 13: What to expect?

Well, the reason for huge sales for the next series is quite simple to guess. It’s due to the growing popularity and immense success of the already released iPhone 12 line-up.

Even before the next model, iPhone 12 productions are still increasing following huge demand, which is great news, especially for Apple.

As per Bloomberg’s newest report, the present model’s production will increase up to 20 percent in 2021. And considering that, iPhone 13 is likely to witness a similar situation.

The report says that Apple will make around 90 million units of the next iPhone by the year-end because the demand will be very high!

When it comes to comparison, the company made 75 million units of the 12 model in 2020. And this Super Cycle is likely to continue in 2021 as well. Apple is pretty sure about it.

The upcoming model will come in four versions, just like the latest series.

As expected, the line-up will be powered by the next-gen A15 Bionic processor. It will be, once again, the most efficient and powerful chip in a smartphone!

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More Apple this year!

Meanwhile, the California tech giant is currently working on multiple products for the second half of this calendar.

Similar to 2020, it will try to repeat the success with its next big wave of devices and accessories. And the objective will be to gain more revenue, without any doubt.

Several recent reports have suggested that Apple might break the barrier of $2.5 trillion later this year. That will be the first for any company in the world.

The iPhone maker was also the first tech-based firm to touch the mark of $2 trillion a while ago.

It will be interesting to see whether or not it manages to achieve this milestone.

And it can do so by releasing the new product versions of its popular devices.

In a few months from now, consumers will witness the upgrade for Apple Watch, in the form of Series 7, along with iPhone 13.

The next big smartphone line-up of Apple is already surrounded by tons of rumors. And as per them, it will have an always-on display.

Few insiders are also suggesting that the series will introduce new, 1TB versions as well.


Image courtesy of Apple Explained/YouTube

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