iPhone 13: Everything you need to know about the latest rumors

iPhone 13: Everything you need to know about the latest rumors

Major design changes may not reportedly happen for iPhone 13.

Rumors and speculations about the upcoming iPhone 13 remain apparent today. This comes after a finalized version of the unofficial renders dropped on social media over the weekend.

Several netizens, especially Apple fans and users, have since grown more excited about the new gadget. Although the company has yet to confirm any details, the talks about the matter continue to develop.

Following the buzz, CNET released a report, detailing the talks and rumors. It appears that the article focuses on a run-down of all the things related to the unofficial iPhone 13.

The latest rumors about Apple’s iPhone 13

The publication pointed out that there are several high-quality renders, showing the rumored designs of the smartphone, exist on various platforms. Despite the growing number, it appears that they all feature similar takes on the potential specs of the iPhone 13.

Based on these renders, many believe that the gadget will have a “camera bump” and a much thicker body. This is reportedly in comparison to its predecessors, such as iPhone 12. Nevertheless, reports said that the new series may not have that much of a difference from the previous version.

As for its color and style, there are allegations that the new smartphone will feature a “bubblegum pink” hue. However, this seems to be more of a “wish” from the artist, as well as the netizens, according to reports.

Meanwhile, there are some talks, as well, about the line-up of the series. As asserted, iPhone 13 will reportedly likely follow the same format as iPhone 12, which dropped with four variations. These include iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The potential release date

Several publications also included the potential release date of the new Apple gadget. Following the company’s previous launches, many now believe that iPhone 13 will likely drop in September.

In the past few years, new phones from Apple typically become available on a Friday, during the third week of the said month. This also reportedly happens nearly two weeks after the company holds its September event, which seemingly takes place on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Alleged name and possible price tag

As for the possible name of the new Apple product, the same reports noted that it may not carry the “13” in its official name. While the possibilities are endless, many are reportedly eyeing “iPhone 12s” or “iPhone 2021,” or even “iPhone XXI.”

When it comes to the price tags, iPhone 13 may allegedly cost the same as its predecessor or less. iPhone 12 launched with a price of $799, with an increase of about AU$128 from iPhone 11 due to the 5G support. But, considering that the upcoming Apple gadget will not likely have any major changes, experts are looking at a toned-down price tag.

Featured image courtesy of Apple/YouTube

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