iPhone 13 rumored to sport a USB-C port

iPhone 13 rumored to possibly finally sport a USB-C port

The iPhone 13 may use the USB-C port instead of having the usual Apple Lightning Port.

The debate between Android smartphones and Apple iPhone users is a never-ending debate. Both sides have a good point, but both sides also have their own fanaticized positions.

Nevertheless, Apple continues to live within its world, while the majority of the smartphone companies share similar features and styles. This is especially true for charging ports. Apple has always had its charging ports.

While other smartphone companies moved towards mini-USB, and eventually USB-C, Apple continued to promote the Lightning Port. The debate for this feature has been a long and tedious one, but there could be an end in sight.

USB-C and under-display camera?

According to Macotakara, a well-known Apple leakster, the iPhone 13 may finally support USB-C connections. Its Twitter post showed a cardboard cutout of what seems like a never-before-seen iPhone.

The video shows the cutout in a 360-degree showcase and highlighted a familiar USB-C cutout as the charging port. The video even shows the handler of the cutout inserting a USB-C head on the port area.

Additionally, the video suggests that iPhone 13 will have a radical new look. The cutout features a screen front with the infamous Apple iPhone notch. Instead, the video suggests that the iPhone may have an under-display selfie camera.

Just like any other leak, whether by a famous leakster or not, there is no possible way to confirm the leak. Only Apple, during its iPhone 13 launch, can confirm these details. Until such time, the leaks remain to be rumored to drum up excitement for the phone.

Jon Prosser disagrees

Another famous Apple leakster, Jon Prosser, apparently disagrees with Macotakara. Prosser has always maintained that Apple will never move to a USB-C port for their iPhones. He is confident that Apple will only have USB-C ports available only for the iPads.

Accordingly, Apple is also rumored to release the next generation of the iPad Air with a USB-C similar to the iPad Pro models. Prosser instead suggests that Apple will force another industry-shifting strategy similar to the ditching of the 3.5 mm headphone Jack.

He believes that Apple will immediately jump to wireless charging and a port-less design. Similar to the iPhone USB-C rumor mentioned above, Prosser’s suggestions are also refutable.

His other rumors include the future release of the Apple Glass. In his video, he showcases in full detail how the Apple Glass works, and even how much it will be sold for once released.

Image courtesy of Daniel Romero/ Unsplash 

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