iPhone 13: Thicker and bigger camera bumps

With millions anticipating the arrival of the iPhone 13 series rumored to be released on September 24, many are wondering what the changes will be from its predecessor, the iPhone 12, which was released just over half a year ago.

Leaked iPhone 13 schematics indicate that fanatics might be looking at a gizmo that’s slightly thicker than the iPhone 12 models, having fewer protruding lenses and larger, thicker camera bumps.

The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models are expected to be 7.57mm thick – 0.17mm thicker than the 7.4mm iPhone12. The increase in thickness though is minimal and won’t be noticed by most people.

Changes in camera bumps

What might be more obvious are the changes to the camera bumps with the new offering from Apple. While the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro sported camera bumps within the range of 1.5mm to 1.77mm, the iPhone 13 is expected to come with a thicker 2.51mm camera bump. Its Pro variant will feature a 3.65 mm-thick camera bump.

If you are wondering by the camera bumps of the latest iPhones to be released are getting thicker, it is in part to prevent lenses from protruding too much, especially with the iPhone 13 models.

In contrast to the protruding individual lenses of iPhone 12 models, the camera bump of iPhone 13 variants will protrude more with the lenses sitting closer to a flush position like the 2020 iPad Pro.

More on changes on camera bumps

The overall size of the camera bump will also be changed by Apple and these changes will be noticeable with the iPhone 13 models. In iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the camera bumps measured 28mm by 30mm, the soon-to-be-released iPhone 13 will have a camera bump measuring 29mm by 29mm and will be located about a millimeter closer to its top.

Meanwhile, the Pro variant of the iPhone 13 will have a larger camera bump that measures 36mm by 37mm. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is likely to have similar measurements for its camera bump.


Image courtesy of Matt Talks Tech/YouTube

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