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iPhone 13 will have battery friendly low-power LTPO display


New reports have revealed that future iPhone 13 will have low-power LTPO displays. It will result in much longer battery life for the phone.

According to Macrumors, Elec’s report recently showed that Apple would adopt new OLED displays for the iPhone 13. They will have low-power LTPO backplane technology. At least two models will use that.

And the company that Apple is working with is LG. It will provide the new displays to the California tech giant. That will be crucial for future iPhones.

iPhone 13 will have a longer and more extraordinary battery life

Going by the report, it has been revealed that LG will increase the production of its OLED panel factory lines. And they are those dedicated to Apple only.

Here’s the actual excerpt from TheElec‘s report itself:

“LG Display is planning to put in low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) thin-film transistors (TFT) equipment that can add 25,000 substrates per month in monthly production rate into the lines by next year.

The LTPO equipment being placed in the factory lines will be for OLED panel supply to ‌iPhone‌ next year, while the ones after May will likely be for panels for iPhones of 2022.

LTPO technology would result in a more power-efficient backplane, responsible for turning individual pixels on and off on display. The technology could pave the way for longer battery life and/or new features like ProMotion or always-on display elements.”

The devices already using these displays are the Apple Watches under series five and six. And that’s another reason why they get such a great battery life of around 18 hours. And that’s commendable because they have an always-on display as well.

So the hopes for iPhone 13 will be huge when it comes to phenomenal usage for long hours.

Apple iPhone 12 series getting positive reactions

Meanwhile, the current line-up is constantly impressing the tech people around the globe. New iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max models are already out, and everyone’s praising them. Yes, not all the enthusiasts are admiring, but the majority of the users are satisfied.

On YouTube, reviewers have praised the Mini variant a lot for its flagship abilities under the smallest size. They are lauding it as the best 5G premium smartphone for compact device users.

When it comes to the Pro Max, it’s still early days for the buyers to decide between the four models. But those looking for the best and high-end features with no compromises will surely go for this one.

It’s extraordinary, but fans start expecting the next series whenever the new iPhone line-up gets introduced in a year. And this time, it’s no exception because the rumors are already building up for the iPhone 13.

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