iPhone 13 with 1TB storage likely to hit stores this year

iPhone 13 with 1TB storage likely to hit stores this year

Apple is allegedly working on bumping up the internal storage of the iPhone 13 up to 1TB as its highest-end model for 2021.

The people over at Apple are preparing for a busy year of transition ahead. It will kick-off the year with the launch of the 2021 iPad Pro sometime this month. As to whether the company will hold an event for it, is still for confirmation.

Following the iPad Pro launch will be WWDC 2021 in June. After that are the busiest quarters for Apple. It is expected to launch the next set of Apple Silicon MacBooks to be followed by the newest iPhone.

The official name of Apple’s next phone is still up for debate. Some say it might be the iPhone 12s, while some others think that it will be an iPhone 13.

iPhone 12s or iPhone 13 might have 1TB of storage

Whatever the name of the next iPhone will be, rumors suggest that it will have up to 1TB of storage as an option. The current largest internal storage for an iPhone is 512GB. This option is also only limited to the iPhone 12 Pro models.

The regular iPhone 12 only goes up to 256GB. If the rumor of the 1TB storage is true, then Apple may bump up the max internal storage of the next regular iPhone to 512GB. As a result, the Pro models can go for a bigger storage capacity.

Naturally, bigger internal storage means that its retail price will also go up. The iPhone 12 Pro with 512GB memory already retails for USD 1,299. Whereas the price tag for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512GB is USD 1,399.

The additional memory space up to 1TB should increase the retail prices of these two Pro models by $100 to $150 each.

Specs of the next iPhone still murky

Apple has so far been airtight with the specs and features of the next iPhone. It is still several months away, after all. Nonetheless, some speculations are ripe about Apple’s new smartphone.

Firstly, Apple may finally accommodate a 120Hz ProMotion display on the iPhone. iPad Pro users since 2017 have been enjoying this feature so it will be a welcome addition if it really arrives on the next iPhone.

Secondly, the iPhone may support TouchID in some form. Apple may do TouchID similar to the iPad Air where the wake button serves as the power button and a fingerprint scanner. Another way to introduce TouchID on the next iPhone is an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The former will be easier to implement, but working on the latter will be much more exciting.

Lastly, the next iPhone may also support faster wireless charging with the MagSafe charger. The technology still has room to improve based on recent reviews. Nonetheless, it looks like it’s the right way to really go portless eventually.

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