iPhone, 95% of Chinese users willing to let go of Apple

The iPhone will just be ‘electronic trash’ in China, according to some respondents that reacted to a potential WeChat ban on all Apple devices.

No one can stop the U.S. government from prioritizing its national security. Unfortunately, their measures haven’t been the kindest to Chinese companies. Just two weeks ago, WeChat and TikTok were given an ultimatum to leave the U.S. shores. As such, heavy users of these apps have been scrambling to save their connections.

TikTok creators are starting to migrate their fanbase to other platforms such as YouTube and Reels. WeChat users in the U.S., on the other hand, are already teaching their relatives in China how to use alternative apps. The executive order released by the U.S. government is vague.

It doesn’t clarify whether Apple is completely banned from doing business with WeChat completely. If it is such, Apple may lose a significant market in China.

iPhone sales in danger of plummeting

China is Apple’s largest market outside of the United States. It holds a strong ground in the country despite facing strong rivals in Chinese brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi. Nevertheless, it still has a following in the country. Unfortunately, smartphone usage in the country is ultimately tied to using WeChat.

The app’s core strength is its messenger features. However, it is more than that for Chinese users. WeChat is essentially the life of a smartphone in China. It is the users’ Uber, Yelp, Apple Pay, and many more. Therefore, banning WeChat from all Apple products means a death sentence for the latter.

WeChat will continue to exist in the country because of Android alternatives. Banning the app in Apple will make the device useless.

No one will stay with their Apple devices

The assumption is backed up by a strong survey released in China’s Twitter counterpart, Weibo. In the survey, around one million users were asked if they’d stay with Apple if WeChat is banned. The response was an astounding no. Almost 95% of the respondents said that they’d leave the Apple ecosystem if WeChat is banned.

What the U.S. government doesn’t realize is WeChat is crucial for other U.S. based businesses. The Wall Street Journal reports, these companies have raised the issue to the White House. It remains to be seen how they will react to this call for leniency on WeChat.

If they continue to crack down on WeChat, Apple will lose up to 25-30% of its global shipments because of a possible China boycott.

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