iPhone SE 2020: Here’s why you shouldn’t buy Apple’s newest iPhone

The new iPhone SE’s battery life proves to be significantly behind most key smartphones in 2020.

The new iPhone SE’s Achilles heel has finally been revealed.

And for users who might be banking on their smartphones’ ability to power through a day of demanding activities, you’re now being advised to veer away from this phone.

A dismal battery performance

A recently conducted test revealed that the new iPhone SE’s 1,821mAh battery performance trails behind every modern smartphone. Its output, even more, disappoints when it places itself beside its top Android-powered smartphone competitors. The test shows that the iPhone SE 2020 is behind by nearly three hours against most of its counterparts.

The site’s test revealed that the iPhone SE 2020’s battery life only manages nine hours and 18 minutes. In the battery test, the new iPhone went through to a continuous web-surfing over a cellular connection and at 150 nits of screen brightness, right until the phone runs out of juice. The phone is also tasked to load a new site every 30 seconds.

While the test isn’t conducted to mirror real-world use, it still provides us input as to how enduring these smartphones are in the long run.

The Moto G Power and Google Pixel 3a excel

Next to the new iPhone SE on the battery test at the bottom is the Samsung Galaxy S20. The phone only delivered a meager 9 hours and 31 seconds. This is somewhat surprising since the phone is equipped with a larger 4,000mAh battery.

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro withstands the test with an accumulated 10 hours and 24 minutes of battery life. Its performance is on the impressive side as the phone only features a 3,046mAh battery capacity.

The new iPhone SE’s current Android counterpart, the Google Pixel 3a, lasted 11 hours and 59 minutes of battery life. This is quite a feat considering that the phone only works on a decent 3,000mAh battery.

The highlight of the test is without a doubt the Motorola Moto G Power, which lodged 16 hours and 10 minutes of battery life, from its 5,000mAh capacity.

The new iPhone SE could be better

Ultimately, the iPhone SE 2020’s battery life is notoriously a disadvantage to an otherwise almost perfect iPhone. This is more shocking as the phone is structured at such a compact bearing. And right with a set of internals that is supposed to be all modern, the phone is expected to have performed better.

Announced in April 2020, the new iPhone SE features Apple’s A13 Bionic chipset and sports 3GB of RAM with varying internal storage options.

Image used courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot


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