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iPhone SE 3 to replace the iPhone 12 Mini?


Apple is allegedly working behind the curtains to release an iPhone SE 3 in 2021, but there are mixed opinions about it.

Last year, Apple managed to bridge the supply gap brought about by COVID-19 with the iPhone SE. Unlike its flagship partners, the iPhone SE was released without a big fanfare. Instead, Apple just announced the product via a feature video, knowing that many people will hop on the hype train.

True enough, Apple was extremely successful with the iPhone SE. It provided a solution for those customers around the world who were cash-strapped but needed a new phone. The iPhone SE of 2020 didn’t cut corners in terms of features, albeit coming in a dated form factor.

iPhone SE 3 might actually replace the iPhone 12 Mini

It is no secret that the iPhone 12 Mini is still not doing great in the market compared to its bigger versions. As such, the rumor mills suggest that iPhone 12 Mini might be axed altogether in 2021.

Taking its place might be the iPhone SE 3, which will be a completely different product.

The iPhone SE 3 will be cheaper because it will have a more dated look. However, the processor will most definitely be the A14 chip running the iPhone 12. In other words, the iPhone SE 3 will still be ultra-fast despite not having top-of-the-line specs. After all, Apple is still one of the best companies that can optimize its software with its hardware.

So when will this new cheap iPhone release? Last year, the iPhone SE 2020 was released around April. Therefore, the same timeline could be in the works for 2021. However, there are still no hard indications for this release.

What to hope to see from the iPhone SE 3

Firstly, the price point of this phone will most definitely be a couple of hundred dollars below the lowest-end model of the flagships. Therefore the expectations should be kept in check.

Wishing for a more updated and modern look would probably be the best feature for the iPhone SE 3. There is no room in the market now for a phone with a huge forehead and chin. In other words, the home button should be scrapped for a FaceID already.

Apple is close to perfection in its camera technology. However, there is still no beating a combination of different camera lenses to deliver the perfect shot. So an additional camera or two will be a perfect upgrade from the previous iPhone SE model.

Lastly, a bigger battery size will be a welcome addition if the phone indeed gets a bigger screen.

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