iPhone SE clobbers Galaxy S20 Ultra in head to head benchmark tests

iPhone SE clobbers the Galaxy S20 Ultra in head to head benchmark tests

The iPhone SE surprisingly beats Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra in overall benchmark ranking.

Apple’s latest budget phone is a very hard phone to believe considering its brand label, price point, and internal specs. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Apple was able to figure out the proper way to salvage plummeting sales by introducing the iPhone SE.

Now, it seems like people are getting the biggest bang for their buck because of the latest head to head competition conducted between the iPhone SE and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra beats the iPhone SE in paper

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is currently the best Android phone available in the market. It sits at the top of the Android phone ladder until the Galaxy Note 20 is released. At face value, it beats out the iPhone SE in almost all hardware aspects. Unfortunately, the hardware of the Galaxy S20 Ultra doesn’t translate to much when actually ran side by side with the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE is faster than the fastest Android phone

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook announced confidently that the iPhone SE runs faster than the fastest Android in the market. Android Authority put that into the test, and was shocked with the findings.

The test ran was a multi-step overall phone benchmarking. It tested the CPU and GPU performance separately and then ran together. The overall CPU performance of the Galaxy S20 Ultra only clocked in one second faster than the iPhone SE. Unfortunately, it was clobbered by the iPhone SE during the combined GPU and CPU test. It also beat out the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the GPU test.

The smoke particle test truly put the Galaxy S20 Ultra to the test when it just performed a measly 23fps as compared to the 34fps of the iPhone SE. All in all, considered, it is very hard to accept that the lowest end phone of Apple beats Samsung’s flagship phone.

iPhone SE shares the iPhone 11’s A13 chip

When the iPhone SE was announced the clincher was the powerful A13 chip that the iPhone 11 carries. The company promised that despite the lack of actual top of the line hardware, the iPhone SE will run as smooth as the iPhone 11.

When the same test was run between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11, the former clocked in only one second behind the iPhone 11. The test proves that Apple actually delivers on its promise when it said that its iPhone SE is faster than the fastest Android phone.

Image courtesy of Daniel Romero/ Unsplash

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