iPhone SE is ‘faster than the fastest Android phones’, Tim Cook says

iPhone SE: A powerful new smartphone in a popular design

Apple is definitely looking to convert Android users onto their side with the new iPhone SE, the most powerful mid-range phone today.

The rivalry between iOS and Android devices is not just between their flagship devices. With the release of the new iPhone SE, the competition has now shifted to include the mid-range arena.

Apple recently released its earnings report for the first quarter. Apparently, during the event, CEO Tim Cook couldn’t help himself as he took a dig aimed at Android.

iPhone SE targets Android

The iPhone SE specifically targets the lower-income classes. However, Apple made the device so powerful and efficient that it may also convert some Android users. At least that’s what Tim Cook believes.

“It plays in every geo, but I would expect to see it doing even better where the median incomes are less. I’d expect some fair number of people switching over to iOS. It’s an unbelievable offer. It’s the engine of our top phones, in a very affordable package, and it’s faster than the fastest Android phones. It’s an exceptional value,” says Cook as he explains the benefits of the iPhone SE.

Now, what are those benefits?

Most powerful processor

When Tim Cook says the iPhone SE is faster than the fastest Android, he wasn’t lying. The most powerful processor that Android phones use is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. It is the same chip found in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 devices.

The Snapdragon 865 is faster than most processors. Just not the A13 bionic chip which Apple uses. The computing and processing power of the A13 chip is second to none. It has the fastest CPU and GPU and boasts faster Neural Engine.

The iPhone 11 Pro uses this chip, and now, it is also used in the iPhone SE.

The best deal for the best product

This mid-range phone is only $399, which is basically a steal since it comes with the most powerful processor in the industry to date.  The iPhone SE is a class of its own. While some mid-range smartphones have better cameras and displays, they will never have the iPhone SE’s power.

Many would think that such processing power isn’t necessary for a mid-range phone. But Apple is known to support their devices for a long time. In fact, some older generation iPhones are able to use the same iOS as the latest generation.

This happens because their processors are able to meet the performance requirements.

This means that the iPhone SE would get the same support from Apple as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro since they all use the same processors. Android supports devices for two years at most. After that, the phones become outdated.

So Tim Cook’s claim of providing the best deal for the best product rings true with the iPhone SE.

Images courtesy of Apple Newsroom

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