iPhone’s Ultra-Wideband Support rumored for the new Google Pixel 6

Google is working on producing the ultra-wideband support for an expected device that is called ‘Raven.’

For the past few weeks, Google Pixel 6 has the main information lift to take on the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21. As well, the device is said to launch later this year. Some of the characteristics have been leaked. Google reported that the research atlas experimented with the ultra-wideband or UWB connectivity for the Pixel 6 line of devices.

However, the Ultra-Wideband is the same technology present in Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 smartphone families. Recently, Ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity is something that both Apple and Samsung phones have been connecting to their flagship handsets.

The Google Pixel 6 launch is nearing, inclined to be exposed at Google IO 2021. It presently seems like it will come with a critical piece of tech got in racing phones, such as the iPhone 12.

UWB connectivity in upcoming devices

The wireless communication protocol has a more extended range than Bluetooth and can pinpoint gadgets a few inches, preferably a few feet. And it is also present in the Air Tags Bluetooth tracker. 

UWB is a short-range standard communication etiquette, a little like NFC or Bluetooth. It allows devices to communicate with each other at an excellent precision rate. The distinct advantages of UWB are that it can notify a place very accurately. It does not work up much energy at all.

The tech in question is ultra-wideband support, and both Mishaal Rahman in XDA Developers and the crew at 9to5Google have overheard that the Google Pixel 6 could fully hit with UWB capacities built-in.

Google Pixel Trackers?

Both Rahman and 9to5Google emphasize that UWB technology is by no medians bound on to arrive in the Pixel 6. Nevertheless, if it made, it would let Google admit building a Pixel-based competitor to Apple’s item-tracking AirTag.

Because of this, there have not occurred any hints that Google is working on some intelligent device trackers of its individual to emulate Apple’s recently driven device.

It would give a reason for Google to fix UWB support inside Google’s Pixel 6 though the technology is rising to arrive in most maximum flagship phones soon. It has loads of inherent advantages concerning intelligent home connectivity and augmented reality.

The Google Pixel 6 prognostications are presently springing to come through edgewise and fast as we reach the middle of the year. It suggests firmly that a formal launch is on the way. Google might be operating on its own chipset for the mobile device, and that the more extended XL model could be getting a rebound.

We suppose Google to reveal the smartphone towards the end of 2021 – maybe in October. But it’s deserving holding an eye on the Google IO event that commences on May 18 because we might get an initial tease of the forthcoming handset there.


Image courtesy of TechTalkTV/YouTube Screenshot

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