iPod Touch may come with flat edges and a variety of colors

Apple iPod Touch may get released in a variety of vibrant colors. It also may come with a stunning flat edge.

 In October of 2021, it will nearly be 20 years following the first-ever iPod was made known to the public people. This device was the first influential mobile step toward Apple delivering the iPhone devices. The half-step between the original iPod devices and the iPhone is crucial, i.e., iPod Touch.

It means a device that is always efficiently stood an iPhone, keeps the part where it can make calls for others via the phone book section. Additionally, it works with a SIM card to enable mobile data access. A word on the street this week shows that the iPod Touch will get a reboot.

Comes in a variety of colors

Based on information intentionally disclosed this week via Apple Hub and Steve Moser, a brand-new iPod Touch variant will get released in the Fall of 2021, nearly in September. For the first time, the device would be released in various vibrant colors on its 20th anniversary. 

Centered on the rumors, the above image you see was rendered by AppleyPro.

iPod Touch with flat edges

A common denominator in unsubstantial news here in the Summer of 2021 is that the iMac M1 signifies Apple’s future zeal to deliver devices in multiple tones. This would indicate that the colors we noticed with the otherwise prior iPod Touch could be transformed to the sorts of hues we encounter with the iMac.

It has also proposed that the recent iPod Touch would confront an appearance almost identical to that of the iPhone 12 roster, the iPad, and more of the same. It means, therefore, that more flat edges and more throwback design prompt in a queue with the exemplary Apple smartphone design: iPhone 4.

If Apple Music could not play music in the destitute of mobile data, a new iPod Touch wouldn’t be a pretty reasonable attempt for Apple to mayhap begin upon. It is entirely attainable that a new iPod Touch could be released this year, given Apple Music’s head to download and play offline songs.

If Apple determines to carry through with delivering a new iPod Touch for the year 2021, it’s distinctly possible that they will intend for October of 2021, agreed upon the time they usually unveil and release new iPhone devices.

The last iPod that the Apple company unveiled was the 7th generation iPod Touch in May 2019. A new iPod Touch would likely have hardware and software revamp to give it far better with the least compelling iPhone on the store today.


Image courtesy of Simple Alpaca/YouTube

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