Irina Shayk allegedly likes Kanye West because he’s worth billions?


Irina Shayk is, allegedly, smitten with Kanye West, and it’s partly because he’s worth millions.

According to Star, Irina Shayk tends to attract rich men and West is no exception.

“Though the romance is still fresh, the couple already feel majorly connected. For one, Kanye, worth a reported $6.6 billion, is Irina’s type. She tends to attract high-profile, wealthy men who can show her a good time and give her expensive gifts,” the source said.

Irina Shayk feels strongly towards Kanye West

But beyond the rapper’s billions, Shayk also feels a strong connection with West because of their similarities.

“Irina and Kanye can relate to each other. They’ve both been in high-profile breakups, are parents who adore their kids, and share a love of fashion and music. Irina studied music and plays piano, and that impresses the heck out of Kanye. And she’s fashion-savvy – just the way he likes his partner,” the source said.

Is Kim Kardashian secretly jealous of Irina Shayk?

Meanwhile, the source said that West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian is silently stalking the couple on social media.

“But behind the scenes, she’s looking at the ‘Power’ video and lyrics that mention Irina. And her strutting her stuff in his fashion show when she and Kanye were a full-on couple. But she doesn’t want to be bitter. She ultimately wishes Kanye well with his new arm candy,” the source said.

Kanye West is smitten with his rumored girlfriend

According to reports, Irina Shayk has everything that West wants but didn’t get from his ex-wife.

A source told Us Weekly that West loves the fact that Shayk is easygoing and laidback.

“Kanye also loves that Irina is an established and respected model in the fashion community. He loves that she carries clout with the fashion world. He thinks they could be a very chic power couple,” the source said.

As for Shayk’s ex, there are also rumors suggesting that Bradley Cooper is starting to regret his decision to split from the model.

Rumors debunked

According to New Idea, Cooper is thinking about reconciling with Shayk after learning that she’s dating West.

However, this isn’t true because Cooper and Irina Shayk are just friends and co-parents to their daughter, Lena.

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