‘Iron Harvest’ is going open beta next week breathing new life to RTS

'Iron Harvest' is going open beta next week breathing new life to RTS

Players will get to experience Iron Harvest this coming July 30. A strategy game that takes place in the universe of the Scythe board game, steampunk fanatics may want to check this out.

The realm of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) is still popular in 2020 even though gamers haven’t received any decent selection. Most gamers nowadays still stick to the classic RTS such as Company of Heroes 2 and Age of Empires 2, to name a few.

With the recent release of Warcraft 3: Reforged, receiving a terrible user score of 0.6, as per Metacritic, RTS fans are getting their standards high.

From the game publisher that brought Metro Exodus, Saints Row, and OutwardDeep Silver is now set to release an RTS game after almost 3 years of development since its Kickstarter trailer.

In addition, the artwork is also provided by Jakub Rozalski who has commissioned his 1920 artworks for both the Scythe board game and the Iron Harvest video game.

A strategy game with elements set in an alternate reality

While this game is not an Iron Harvest, it has a mix of World War technology and steampunk mechs set into a parallel universe in the “1920+” as the game would call it.

Instead of the usual real-life allies versus axis style of battles, players are introduced to alternate European factions such as Polania, Saxony, and Rusviet.

As for the game’s setting, it is fictionally set after the end of the Great War wherein the factions have to uncover secrets as well as opportunities and challenges on its recovery from the wars.

A few days ago, KING Art Games just released their skirmish footage for Iron Harvest and it looks like they are ready to challenge themselves in the RTS scene.

Although Iron Harvest borrows a lot from Company of Heroes, the gameplay looks promising as other famous YouTube gamers such as Raptor, have already tried it out since last April. So far, it has been getting good reception among the viewers.

With the open beta coming out in a few days, expect a lot of gamers to try this RTS out as it’s going to be an all-out brawl this coming July 30.

Game features and where to get the game

Aside from its alternate European factions, players are also introduced to heroes with their own unique abilities for each faction.

In addition, they will also be introduced to engaging campaigns, with over 20 missions and an adventurous storyline so players get the full experience without the need of getting separate DLCs.

The primary selling point of the game is the introduction of 30 different walking machines and exo-skeletons aside from the World War inspired infantry squads that we ought to expect from a military RTS.

Iron Harvest is available for pre-order on Steam, Epic Games, and GOG and it’s set to release on September 2.

Featured image courtesy of Iron Harvest/KING Art Games

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