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Marvel’s ‘Iron Man VR’ receives July 3 release date, features look promising


Marvel’s much-awaited Iron Man VR has an updated release date. The game will now come out on Playstation 4 and PSVR this coming July 3, 2020.

The announcement for Iron Man VR came out on Playstation’s Twitter account, but no other details are available. The only other information that came from Sony Interactive Entertainment is “more news in the coming weeks!”.

Camouflaj, the game’s developer, pushed back the game’s release from February 28 to May 15. Even then, Sony moved the release schedule further, removing them from April’s release schedule.

Marvel’s Iron Man pushed back many times due to pandemic

The first delay for Marvel’s Iron Man virtual reality game came out of Camouflaj’s desire for more time. The team wanted to “deliver on our vision” and the expectations set for the game.

Sony wanted to move it further to give players “the launch experience our players deserve.” The COVID-19 pandemic was impacting the studios across the world. Many of Sony’s titles received the same delay, the most prominent of which is The Last of Us 2.

Sony now settled for a July release date for both The Last of Us 2 and Iron Man VR. This is only six weeks further back, which is something positive for the platform. The games are part of a bevy of many console-exclusive titles slated for 2020.

Some of these titles include Ghost of Tsushima, GodFall, Halo: Infinite, and potentially Bravely Default 2.

PSVR Iron Man game will give players full freedom of movement

Playstation VR showed off the potential of the title last year. Marvel’s Iron Man puts its players in the shoes of Tony Stark as he flies around in his Iron Man suit. The game lets the player have the full experience, from the palm trusters to the actual flight itself.

The game would likely need some time to learn, as many VR titles do. The player would take advantage of the Playstation Move to work through the necessary maneuvers.

The entire Iron Man game will be unlike many VR titles that are pure mechanics. The game will flesh out an original story for billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark.

The game will also bring its players to beautiful locations in Tony Stark’s life. These locales will include Tony’s mansion and much of the blue, open skies. The idea is for the game to simulate everything that Tony can do in the suit.

Camouflaj promises to nail the 360-degree freedom of movement players expect. Iron Man VR will be among Marvel’s foray into video games for 2020, the other including The Avengers.

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