Is ‘Apex Legends’ exploring Bangalore’s story in Season 6?

One of the defining features of Apex Legends as a battle royale is its characters. Unlike other battle royales, the game features avatars with full backstories and lore to uncover.

The previous two seasons of Apex Legends focused on the history between Revenant and Loba. Then in the season before that, the game tackled Crypto or Park Tae Joon’s story. In the events in-between, Respawn Entertainment has begun exploring other stories as well.

With the next season being only a few weeks away, fans are curious about who the developers will focus on next. It seems like we already have an idea about who that legend will be.

Is Bangalore next?

Bangalore was one of the first characters for the game. Throughout the Broken Ghost storyline, she, like other characters, was given a few developments through the quests. However, as per Respawn Entertainment’s Tom Casiello, things are going to be different for her in the next season.

According to Casiello, Bangalore will be at the front and center of the game’s next season. He adds that Bangalore’s tough persona is starting to fade, and she’s becoming more welcoming of the other Legends. That being said, Casiello says that her journey is just getting started.

It will be exciting to see how the developers plan on continuing the character’s story. In the game, Anita Williams, also known as Bangalore, comes from a family with a deep military background. While in duty with, her brother sacrificed himself to help her escape. That’s when she decided to join the games and become an Apex Legends.

Who’s the new character?

Although Bangalore will be at the front and center of the next season, that doesn’t mean that the game’s roster won’t be expanded. We might see a new character related to her story. That would very well be her brother, Jackson.

Bangalore’s story suggests that her brother sacrificed himself so that she could escape. However, she didn’t exactly see his brother die in combat. There’s a chance that Jackson’s going to make his debut in the next season, joining his sibling in the games.

Apex Legends is becoming more aggressive when it comes to introducing story elements into the game, and that’s good. This is giving players more reason to understand and relate with the characters in the game. Season 6 is only a few weeks away, so we can begin seeing teases for it soon.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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