Is DLC confirmed for ‘Resident Evil Village?’: Future Village content explained

DLC is always an inevitable journey for all video game enthusiasts.

Having a DLC for a game is inevitable for some of the biggest console and PC games, but Capcom has set their plans for Resident Evil Village somewhat murky.

Resident Evil Village has by far been a successful launch for Capcom because of a lot of factors such as the screenplay, the game environment, the audio, and of course, the characters.

We can see Ethan Winters playing off as our good old protagonist and saving everyone’s life as before.

The DLC playthrough seems a bit confusing.

For Capcom, Resident Evil Village is by far doing better than most of the other games when the number comes to sales.

Even on Pc, which until relatively recently was probably its weakest platform. Success with any flagship game in 2021 often means that it shall come off with a DLC.

A DLC is a promotion of what is happening inside a game.

If a game has a premise, then with the help of a DLC, the premise is thoroughly explained. In the case of Resident Evil Village, the DLC is somewhat confusing for all the players.

First of all, the game has story-driven by a single-player title and narrative.

It both narrows and expands the range of Capcom’s Resident Evil VillageDLC options. There is less reason to focus on cosmetic upgrades since, most of the time, just one person will be able to see them.

The DLC comes with a trauma pack

Resident Evil Village is a first-person action game, so the player’s character can do all the action series, and they are usually time invisible. It is also like a never-ending adventure with a clear ending instead of something that Remedy’s Control.

This game offers the protagonist plenty of options and side missions to engage in. That means that Capcom has recently shared that their team is working on a view and introducing various other modes with alternate mechanics called Mercenaries.

There is something about the Resident Evil Village DLC in the form of a Trauma Pack. This includes that every player who is playing this game will be getting an extra weapon, the Samurai Edge, and other bonus items like the concept art, music, and a Resident Evil 7 found footage.

With the help of this footage, players can check through as it automatically unlocks the top level of ‘Village of Shadows.’ Players can choose their difficulty setting here instead of forcing them to finish an initial playthrough.

Capcom has not announced their plans for similar DLC for the future, but the Trauma Pack was available for all the players starting from May 7. It was done separately as part of the game’s Deluxe Edition.

Image courtesy of jacksepticeye/YouTube

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