Is ‘Homeland’ Season 9 still happening on Showtime?

Though many fans believe that Season 8 was the last of the series, some are still hopeful that Homeland Season 9 could still happen.

Homeland has aired for eight seasons now, and while many think that the show is not worth anyone’s time, considering that it lasted eight seasons, the show is still very much popular.

Homeland on Showtime

Homeland was aired on Showtime since its first season. However, despite the criticisms and hate that the network gets for putting up shows for too long, many people think that Homeland is one of those series that Showtime is holding on too long.

One reason why people are convinced that Showtime has held Homeland for quite some time now is that the show kept way too many characters in the series. The characters have tripped over numerous times in different seasons. Although they have reached their character’s goals in the series, they still have much-unresolved businesses that appear every season that surprises many viewers.

However, there are still people who believe that the show is excellent, and the reason why it went on for years is that many actually like it. Some also believe that the show will be relevant to one’s life one way or another, since the series focuses on power, and being invincible towards the world of foreign policy.

Is it the end of Homeland?

When Showtime said that Homeland’s season 8 was going to be the season finale on the network, many people still think that the series was not that bad, and it should not end there. Also, considering that the series lasted eight seasons, why should Showtime end it?

Although the show ended on a good note, many people, especially fans, are still wondering if a revival of the series will happen. Whether it is on Showtime or not, or if it’s the same cast of characters, a revival of the show will depend on a lot of factors, so it won’t be easy to say that the show will come back on screen.

In shorter words, Homeland will only be revived in two ways: whether Showtime will decide to give the show another continuation series or a new one, or the series franchise will be restored in a new network, and with a new set of the cast for the characters.

However, as of now, Showtime will not be adding a new season or making a revival series soon. Hence, avid followers of the show should take all these Homeland Season 9 rumors with a grain of salt until everything is proved true and correct.

Images courtesy of Homeland on SHOWTIME/YouTube Screenshot

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