Is Horizon the next character for ‘Apex Legends’?

The sixth season of Apex Legends will end just a few weeks from now, and fans are already excited to see what’s next. The seventh season is going to be a big one, as fans think that there will be a ton of new content this time around.

Apex Legends Season 6 introduced Rampart as the new champion. Fans were happy with the changes this season. Moving forward, fans have uncovered a hefty selection of teases for the next content in the game. One of which is the first look at Horizon, who could be the next character.

Who is Horizon?

As per the leaks, Horizon could very well be the next character for the game. By completing a set of tasks, players can actually take a look at her in the shooting range of the game. As her character model is already out there, there’s an even better chance that she’s coming to the game the next season.

According to the leaks, Horizon has the ability to help her allies soar high in the sky. Basically, she helps them out thanks to her assortment of mobility skills. Her ultimate helps her hover in the air momentarily, which could provide a significant advantage over her enemies.

Someone else?

Despite the solid evidence, fans still shouldn’t consider Horizon as the next character just yet. This isn’t the first time that Respawn Entertainment will pull a sneaky tactic over Apex Legends players.

During the fourth season, it was heavily teased that Forge would be the next character for the game. The lore even said that he was the new Legend for the tournament. Then, in a surprising cinematic trailer, Revenant kills Forge. Instead of Forge, players got Revenant instead.

Respawn has admitted that they are trying to mislead fans on purpose. Since evidence towards Horizon is so strong, fans are suggesting that we may be duped into thinking otherwise again.

Instead of Horizon, fans believe that it would be Ash that’s next. Ash was the main star of the Broken Ghost quest for season five of the game. It would be interesting to see how she replaces Horizon if she is indeed the next character.

Apex Legends fans love trying to guess the next selection of content for the battle royale. With only a few more weeks left in the fifth season, fans could be getting more details soon.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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