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Is John Krasinski the newest hero to join Marvel Studios?


John Krasinski just had a talk with Marvel Studios and now fans are super curious.

According to Geeks Worldwide, Marvel Studios has been taking meetings with actors via virtual calls during this pandemic season.  And one of those that reportedly got the call is Krasinski.

The full details of the purpose of the call is not disclosed but fans are already making their own speculations.

Will he be acting, directing or writing?

Kransinski getting the call could mean a lot of things. Could the call mean that the actor/writer/director will be involved in a Marvel project? And if he is, what would his role be?

Nothing is certain yet but being the multi-talented person that he is, Kransinski could have been offered to direct or write for the television and film studio.

The source said that it was the first time that Krasinski and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige have officially met, although noting that they have already previously both said that they would love to work together.

It appears like it won’t be long that the two will finally collaborate creative efforts. On another note, the A Quiet Place could have also been called to portray a Marvel character.

The publication said that there has been talks of an upcoming Young Avengers project. It also claimed that it has now entered a phase of development and soon enough it will announce whether it’s a film or a Disney+ series.

But whether it’s a series or a film, Krasinski would make a good choice to play as Kang, an older version of Iron Lad and the title’s first real villain.

It’s not impossible also that Kransinski will be asked to direct it. With his experience in the sci-fi genre and working with kids, his directional features would greatly benefit the title.

RIchard Reeds trending

Marvel’s Fantastic Four character Richard Reeds also became a trending topic on social media after the news of Kransinski talking to Marvel broke out.

Apparently, the fans are on board with the idea of Kransinski playing the role of Mister Fantastic.

Their excitement went even as far as suggesting Emily Blunt, Krasinski’s wife, to play the role of Sue Storm, Richard Reed’s wife.

And while that appears to be a good idea, everything remains to be a rumor. According to Screen Rant, Kransinski said that he trusts Feige to choose the perfect actor to play the role of the superhero.

Nothing has been confirmed yet so it’s best to take reports with a grain of salt.

Feature image courtesy of Gabbo T/Wikimedia Commons

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