Is Lisa Manoban the richest BLACKPINK member?

The only non-Korean member of BLACKPINK, Lisa Manoban, is reportedly the wealthiest member with a net worth of USD 10 million.

The Thailand-born BLACKPINK member, Lisa, immediately captivated fans’ hearts with his superb skill in rapping and unmatched fluid dance moves.

The superstar was known for promoting international brands such as Celine, Bulgari, and MAC. This is aside from exhibiting all-out talent in sold-out concerts and shows.

Beyond all the BLACKPINK members’ achievements, what’s more, mesmerizing is that she came from an affluent family.

Lisa’s Impressive Family Background

The BLINKS (BLACKPINK’s fandom) have known well that Lisa is Thai. Before YG Entertainment discovered her at an audition, the female idol grew up and lived in Thailand. Lisa was 14 years old back then when she made her first step towards achieving her dreams.

Reportedly, Lisa Manoban was born with a silver spoon. Her stepfather is the renowned master chef Marco Bruschweiler who served as a chef for multiple luxury hotels worldwide. Currently, in Bangkok, he is running a culinary school specializing in Thai cuisine.

Gaining more

STYLE shared that Lisa is reportedly the BLACKPINK member who makes the most than her co-members. Through her numerous brand endorsements, Lisa brings in extra income. Meanwhile, the other BLACKPINK members are earning around the same amount.

Lisa’s estimated net worth is USD 10 million compared to the USD 1-2 million of her bandmates.

The female superstar gains much love from her home country. This is apart from her endorsement of global brands.

As reported, compared to previous brand ambassadors, the Mobile phone operator AIS spent much more on an endorsement deal with Lisa.

So how does Lisa spend her wealth?

Lisa is indeed a woman with a high taste for high fashion. Fans have spotted the BLACKPINK member going shopping all over the globe.

She is spending up a storm in Thailand or browsing boutiques with her bandmates when she’s not hitting up a Celine boutique after Paris Fashion Week.

More proof of Lisa’s high interest in fashion is that she shared that Celine pieces captivate her. The superstar also has an extensive bag collection, with fans and media approximating the cost at over USD 83,000.

According to Lisa’s bandmates, she is the most generous among them, and she frequently treats them to meals.

Lisa is also known to have a golden heart. She is a giver, primarily to charities, and the recent activity she supported is for the flood victims in Korea.

Image courtesy of Lilifilm Official/YouTube Screenshot

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