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This Game Journalist Firmly Believes That EA is Giving ‘Mass Effect Trilogy’ a Remaster


Drawing from Electronic Arts’ statement that an ‘HD title’ is in the works, a rumor is circulating that the company pertains to Mass Effect trilogy and a certain game journalist firmly believes it.

Electronic Arts had recently made an announcement that claims that 14 games are bound for release until March 2021. Although not all titles are laid out as per announcement, some were at least confirmed.

Aside from sports staples such as FIFA, NFL, and Madden, other titles are either new IPs or old ones getting an ‘HD’ treatment.

While not outright confirmed, one game journalist believes that part of the games is the remaster of ‘Mass Effect Trilogy.’

Could be Mass Effect

The word alone is open for many interpretations. But VentureBeat suspects that it will be Mass Effect trilogy. Jeff Grubb, the author of the prediction was confident enough in the matter that he tweeted about it. In it, he predicted which platforms the supposed HD remaster will be landing on, at least as an early launch.

Not to undermine Grubb’s forecasting, but the notion that the aforementioned EA HD remaster is merely speculation at the moment. Without EA officially disclosing what the title, or rather titles, are, no one can definitely declare what is in store.

But given the popularity of the franchise, it’s also hardly surprising of the stern belief.

Mass Effect in Hindsight

It has been more than 7 years since the trilogy closed its book with the controversial Mass Effect 3. But fans of the series would still recall fond memories generated in all entries, prior to the third’s epic conclusion.

Although, as a trilogy, the game has indeed ended in the series’ third installment, it’s not necessarily the last Mass Effect game there is. Avid fans would also remember the fourth and latest installment in the series, that is, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

But unlike the trilogy, Andromeda is a title that garnered mixed reception. Some major platforms gave it an above-average rating. Others rated it as less-than-stellar, polarizing the reviews.

The issue with the game is not just the differentiating reviews. Compounding to the matter of its developer, Bioware, which has had let go of the game rather quickly.

Aside from the glaring issues, which the company addressed early on, the game’s singleplayer campaign also seems to pose as a problem. If there is a word for it, it’s the notion that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Real or not, fans of Mass Effect trilogy are ecstatic in seeing a modern treatment to their beloved franchise, albeit based on hearsay.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Mass Effect

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