Is Microsoft working on another game studio acquisition?

Is Microsoft working on another game studio acquisition?

Rumor has it Microsoft is planning another major acquisition following its recent take over of Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax.

The Microsoft gaming arm, Xbox, looks like it is on the quest to dominate the ever-evolving gaming industry. The ZeniMax acquisition truly shook the online community.

For many, this meant to be a game-changer for Xbox. In fact, as clearly seen that the team at Xbox is making big steps for future innovation.

Rumor has it: One last acquisition before November launch

GameRant reports about the said online chatter. There have been talks beforehand that Microsoft isn’t stopping its gaming domination with ZeniMax.

With the current console war and Sony bearing a lot of PlayStation exclusive titles, Xbox is taking on a big challenge.

As the gaming publication notes, word on the vine is Xbox may have something in store—a big acquisition—before it officially releases the Xbox Series X/S this November.

A podcast discussion was cited, hinting this big possibility. Accordingly, “Podcaster Shpeshal_Ed drops the rumor in an episode of XboxEra.”

The episode was posted over a week ago already, however, this minute detail has just been picked and is just making rounds recently.

The acquisition possibility was picked up when The Verge‘s very own Tom Warren expressed that he “feels like [Microsoft’s] going to announce another [acquisition] soon.”

Shpeshal_Ed echoes the same sentiments, saying that he also heard the same—that Microsoft will announce another acquisition. It might be a “save the best for last” move the Microsoft gaming arm, before launch.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that said rumor wasn’t back by “verified source.” That said, readers are advised to take such speculation with a grain of salt.

What could the next game studio acquisition be?

After the Zenimax buyout blew up, Microsoft acquisition rumors also spread like wildfire. The online chatter entailed so many big gaming studios such as Bungie, and even Sega.

However, the Bungie acquisition has long been denied by the CEO himself, Pete Parsons. Bungie has just regained its independence in 2019 following its partnership with Activision for eight years.

Aside from Bungie, the Japanese video game developer Sega is also being rampantly rumored. Although, it does make sense, as Xbox is keen on courting the Japanese audience, as its a highly Sony-dominated market.

Per Inverse, “It would allow Xbox to brute-force its way into a Japanese market that’s shown very little interest in the console’s library of mostly Western-made games.”

However, Xbox has already turned down this highly-hoped rumor during the Tokyo Game Show. Although, theorists might try to spin this as a “matter of when, not if.”


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