Is Nintendo thinking of diverting from Nintendo Direct soon?

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Nintendo had just held its latest shareholder meeting where company president Shuntaro Furukawa made a speech in front of investors concerning its business plans. Part of the verbiage tackles on the topic over the Nintendo Direct and the company’s possibility to diverge from the format.

The game company pioneered the Livestream format when it kickstarted Nintendo Direct back in 2013. With a success of reach that sees a wide audience getting up-to-speed with Nintendo’s products, Direct is very effective in terms of marketing.

The format is a winning formula, in fact, that others are driven to mimic it and with some relative successes.

Dilemma of Producing a Livestream

However, producing content for Nintendo Direct is not without its difficulties. This notion comes in light with the ongoing pandemic that saw the program showcasing only smaller contents. Specifically, due to the complication that comes with having workers do jobs remotely.

That has been the case indeed for 2020, which did not see a full Direct presentation at least once. The last of its kind still draws back to September 2019.

Coming from the recently-held Japanese shareholder Q&A, the company president made an open statement about the subject. The theme being Nintendo’s still remaining confidence over the method. Yet, at the same time, its willingness to diverge when a better option comes.

The uncertain tone seemingly boiling down to the effect that comes with the notion of the “changing times.” One that the company presupposes as coming with better means to present their information to audiences.

The company president was not explicit in what that better option is or if there ever is one at this point. However, it’s clear that the statement points out to Direct’s now aging style which seems to only come with more age as years come.

The aforementioned statement is open to interpretation. But if there’s anything that could be causing Nintendo its discomfort, it’s that of its desire to innovate.

An Inherent Drive

The company will not necessarily be departing from the video format any time soon. Yet, it’s quite telling that it’s itching for something new.

However, if there’s an option that the company is not likely to consider, it’s got to be physical events, like E3. One that it saw first-hand as not immune to the negative effect of the coronavirus. Admittedly, Furukawa stated that the company has no such plans at all.

Shuntaro Furukawa’s statement is most likely an insinuation. But it is apparent that the company is feeling the dissatisfaction that comes with the pandemic. So much so that it would be willing to adapt to a new possibility, if there’s any.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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