Is pursuing music awards in South Korea amid COVID-19 worth it?

Despite the unprecedented resurgence of COVID-19 cases in South Korea, the year-end music awards ceremonies still pushed through.

And while most of them have already been carried, the Golden Disc Awards is now gearing for a finale.

It’s already been a week since 2021 started. The majority of the year-end music awards and ceremonies have already ended despite the current situation’s struggle. However, the regrets of deciding on going ahead remain.

Among all, one highly-anticipated event has not yet given its awards—the Golden Disc Awards. Now, it has finally given its signal, and it is ready to set off the finale.

Moving forward despite the worsening situations

As South Korea’s situation worsens day by day due to the spread of COVID-19, many were asking whether the year-end music award ceremonies will be held.

However, none of Korea’s major award ceremonies chose to cancel their event despite all concerns.

The 2020 Melon Music Awards (MMA) and the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) decided to move forward and continue with their planned schedules.

The award ceremonies decided to force through the event under the government’s preventive protocols instead of canceling or postponing their schedules.

No audience appeared at the events, and to minimize contact between artists, they also started to pre-record each stage.

Nevertheless, the process has been receiving constant voices of concerns.

The burgeoning concerns with awarding ceremonies in the pandemic

There was a heated debate in the case of 2020 MAMA over the effectiveness of attempting to prevent the disease.

Several concerned citizens pointed out the fluorescent high heels and silver full-length tights. They said that those were inappropriate for the staff deployed to avoid COVID-19.

Among the opinions also raised during the program was the spraying of disinfectant ahead of the winners.

They said that it appears to be only “for a show” and just “pretending.” Many people claim that it did not have much effect on preventing COVID-19.

Furthermore, KBS2’s Song Festival also went up in chaos. This is after Golden Child’s Bong Jae Hyun was confirmed with COVID-19.

He was reported to share routes with SEVENTEEN and NCT. On the day of the event, all members were tested negative. However, S.Coups was unable to get on stage with his delayed results.

With all that has happened despite the strict consideration of the pandemic protocols, still, it is uncertain whether this year’s event will come to a successful conclusion.

The 35th Golden Disc Awards‘ finale will be on September 10 at 3:50 PM. The concerned hope the ceremonies to end as well as the pandemic ultimately.


Image courtesy of Golden Disc Awards/YouTube Screenshot

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