Is Queen Elizabeth enjoying isolation amid pandemic crisis?

Is Queen Elizabeth enjoying isolation amid pandemic crisis?

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth relocated to Windsor Castle in March 2020 to self-isolate together.

Queen Elizabeth will turn 95 years old this April. Despite being physically strong and healthy, her advancing age places her in the most at-risk age group for COVID-19.

Similarly, Prince Philip belongs in the same group as he will turn 100 years old in June. This is why he joined his wife in Windsor Castle earlier in 2020.

Amid their stay in the royal residence, the British Monarch had to scale down her royal engagements and appearances, as well. This dynamic may have been new for her, as well as the rest of the British Royal Family. Sources claimed, however, that this has seemingly allowed her to rest. The Daily Express even reported that the Queen is likely “enjoying” her self-isolation these past few months.

Queen Elizabeth is doing “well”

A royal insider said that the lockdown in the United Kingdom had provided Queen Elizabeth with a “much-needed” rest. This might even reportedly be the “only slight rest” that she has ever had in her entire life.

The source continued that the monarch is well and in good condition. She is in “good fettle,” adding that “it is quite lovely not to have any pressure.”

When the whole country began its safety protocols, the Queen, alongside the rest of the British Royal Family, had to cancel all of their royal engagements and appearances. For the better part of 2020, they stayed behind closed doors.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were the ones who mainly stood up to continue their duties and responsibilities with the use of the internet. They took advantage of various social networking sites and platforms.

Other senior royals followed suit several months into the COVID-19 lockdown. These include Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and the Queen.

The Queen behind palace walls

Queen Elizabeth has always had her “stoic nature” with her. But, a royal author asserted that she has an “unexpected side” to her.

Speaking to People, Sally Bedell Smith claimed that the British Monarch is “much livelier in private” than in public. She, later on, quoted a royal insider who revealed that the Queen “has a big laugh.”

Apart from this, the head of the British Monarchy is also “self-deprecating” at times. Smith noted that the monarch even “has the ability to laugh at herself.

These days, Queen Elizabeth has yet to return to Buckingham Palace. But, royal insiders claimed that she will likely relocate back to London in June for the Trooping The Colour.


Featured image courtesy of The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

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