Is there any secret ending to ‘Resident Evil Village’?

People who are gearing up their hopes for ‘Resident Evil Village’ are unaware of all the surprises that the game beholds.

Despite being mentioned on social media and being claimed as there is a secret ending in Resident Evil Village, as far as the fact goes, there is only one post-credit scene.

Despite the disappointment of not having a secret ending in the game, the post-credit cut scenes have a secret run of their own. This means that players don’t have to worry about having an Easter Egg popping up in the game.

What happens in the gameplay?

Resident Evil Village is a rollercoaster of all the emotions and scares that concludes on a sad note. (spoiler alert). Ethan Winters here bids goodbye after sacrificing his family while Chris, Mia, and baby Rosemary escape in a helicopter head to a BSAA HQ located in England.

FFor sure,, players in this gameplay will get a lot of exposure for Chris,, which they were unavailable to get in the previous gameplay, only for him to appear at last. While not much is known about events following the cut scene, after the credits roll out, Rose can be seen as perhaps a young teenager visiting her father’s grave.

Here is what fans can get a look at and peak of the first clues that will take place in the sequel. While this is all speculation and should be taken as a slight pinch of salt, there is a genuine possibility that Rosemary will be picking up the torch from where her father left off.

So, we might be seeing the next female protagonist fighting off the devil in the corner present in Resident Evil 9.

Is there any secret ending to the game?

As mentioned before, Resident Evil Village does not have a secret ending attached to it. However, some post-credit cut scene sheds a lot of light on the possibility of a sequel. Following their escape on their Helicopter, an older Rose has appeared on the post edit scene sitting on a bus.

On the bus, she overhears a conversation that is going on between a mother and a daughter who are discussing a storybook. Rose overhears the conversation while she gets off from the bus and stops with a flower in her hand.

“Hey Dad, Happy Birthday,” she says by laying down the flower on her father’s grave. As soon as she does the same, the scene ends by showing up an agent appearing in an SUV.

By the looks of it, it shows that BCAA is taking up Rose as their member, and now she has to handle the mantle of her father starting from the next series. But, all these are just a theory. The developers are yet to confirm the same.

Image courtesy of MELOO/YouTube

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