‘Isle of Armor’ DLC will feature level scaling and side quests

The Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor DLC will feature level scaling. This means trainers can access the expansion’s content at any level.

The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield will launch in just a few days. However, a few lucky fans had the chance to play a special demo, and they experienced a bit of the upcoming DLC.

Most of these fans reported that they were only able to play a few minutes of the DLC. However, it was enough to see a couple of new features that are coming to the Galar Region.

Level Scaling

Players have revealed that the Isle of Armor will scale to a player’s level in some way. Trainers who had their first battle in the Isle of Armor encountered Level 60 Pokemon, similar to the highest level Pokemon in their bag.

It is still uncertain if the whole DLC will adjust to a player’s team. However, this is a promising feature for players who have been grinding the whole year since they now have high-level Pokemon.

It has also been reported that the Isle of Armor DLC can be visited as long as players have unlocked the Wild Area in the main campaign. This means even new players can access the new feature as soon as possible. However, it is uncertain if some parts of the island will be inaccessible due to level constraints.

Expansive DLC

The Isle of Armor looks like a very expansive Wild Area with Pokemon spawning everywhere. However, the Isle of Armor DLC will feature several diversified environments where players can interact with Pokemon in different ways.

One player stated that he saw one Pokemon hanging on a tree, but it doesn’t come down. Fans speculate that players will need to whistle for the Pokemon to come down.

Side quests

The plot for the Isle of Armor has already been revealed in the past trailers. However, the demo confirmed that there would be other side quests for players to complete.

Players will have to face three trials to secure Mustard’s sacred armor. One trial will let players collect Max Mushrooms, which will be needed to make the Max Soup.

The Max Soup is a new item in the Isle of Armor DLC, which can be given to a Pokemon, which can Gigantamax. Feeding the item to this Pokemon will let them learn how to Gigantamax.

Featured image courtesy of  GamersPrey/Youtube Screenshot

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