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‘Isle of Armor’ players might have easily missed these hidden details


Pokemon Sword and Shield feature plenty of hidden secrets in its Isle of Armor DLC. Players with a keen eye only discovered some.

Game Freak is known for putting tremendous effort into their games, and Pokemon Sword and Shield is no different. Its Isle of Armor expansion is filled with Easter eggs and secrets that can easily be missed.

These Pokemon, items, and other secret details are well hidden. Most players miss noticing them because they overshadowed by the environment or hidden in a tight spot.

Every Pokemon Sword and Shield player would want to know about these things they probably missed. Luckily, most of them can be located even after the main campaign has been finished.

Paula, The Ghost Child

Upon finishing a letter delivery quest from Paula in Hammerlocke, Paula is nowhere to be found. Looking at the place where she stood, all that’s left is a Reaper Cloth.

However, going back to the place where the letter was delivered, a toddler is in one of the corners of the room, staring blankly at the wall.

Initiate a conversation with her, and she’ll warn players not to interrupt their conversation then turns back to the wall.

Separate Pokedex

Upon arriving in the Isle of Armor, players are given a supplementary Pokedex. This extra Pokedex is for registering the returning and new Pokemon inside the island expansion.

The two additional DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield is expected to introduce another 200 Pokemon not currently present in the main campaign.

Like every other Pokemon game, it will be difficult to add every monster in just one game. Luckily, the new DLC provides trainers the chance to catch their favorite Pokemon from the past generations.

Pokemon Murder

In the town of Circhester in the Galar region, a woman is living with her two Pokemon that she adores so much. When players talk to her, she tells them that she loves staring into the flames of her two Litwicks.

However, Litwick’s Pokedex entry says that any human looking into the flames of this Pokemon will drain the life of the person. In turn, the absorbed life force is said to fuel the flame within Litwick.

Does this mean the woman is slowly dying, or is she dead?


Porygon can be obtained by talking to Hyde after beating Mustard for the second time. Mustard can be found at the back of the dojo.

Players will need to get over obstacles before reaching Hyde. Players must need to initiate a conversation for him to offer his Porygon.

Most Pokemon fans know that Porygon is rare and unique. Porygon is a must-have in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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