‘Isle of Armor’ players’ must finish challenges to catch the Mythical Zeraora

To celebrate Isle of Armor’s release, the developers are giving a shiny Zeraora. However, players have to finish certain challenges first.

There is a new event in Pokemon Sword and Shield which will give players a chance to receive the Mythical Zeraora in its shiny form.

Max Raid Battles

The addition of Pokemon Dens and Max Raid Battles has greatly expanded Pokemon Sword and Shield’s lifetime indefinitely. Now, the developers have added a very special Max Raid Battle to commemorate the Isle of Armor’s release.

Players consistently play the game because new Legendary and Gigantamax Pokemon are being featured in Max Raid Battles. These kinds of Pokemon are often rarely encountered in the main campaign.

The latest event features Generation 7’s Mythical Pokemon. However, the Pokemon can’t be caught after a Max Raid Battle, but defeating one is part of the requirements in getting a shiny Zeraora.

Zeraora details

Players who have played Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon might remember Zeraora as an unattainable Pokemon who only shows up during events.

Zeraora is an Electric-based Mythical Pokemon that boasts having one of the highest speeds among all Pokemon. In layman’s terms, they are remarkably quick which means they are a good addition to any team composition.

In addition, the Mythical Pokemon also has extremely good offensive stats. The Pokemon can be a perfect forefront for any kind of competitive team because of its ability to quickly defeat its enemies.

It can learn Volt Switch at level 32, Plasma Fists at level 88, and Close Combat at level 96. Finally, using a TR77 will let it learn Grass Knot. With these four devastating moves, Zeraora can take any Pokemon down with ease.

How to get a shiny Zeraora

A special shiny version of Zeraora will be distributed to all Sword and Shield players once they complete a set of challenges. The Mythical Pokemon will begin showing up in Max Raid Battles beginning June 17 until June 28, 2020.

Here are the tasks to get its shiny form:

  • At least 1 million Sword and Shield players must defeat a Zeraora in Max Raid Battles during the event.
  • Transfer a Pokemon from Sword and Shield to Home or vice versa.

After these conditions are met, the developers will be sending everyone a shiny Zeraora via the Mystery Gift of Pokemon Home on June 29, 2020. In addition, all players who joined the event will also receive Armorite Ores which can be used to teach Zeraora or any other Pokemon exclusive dojo moves.

Featured image courtesy of Osirus Studios/YouTube Screenshot

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