‘Isle of Bigsnax’ adds a complete new world to Bugsnax

Isle of Bigsnax lets players enjoy a new world added recently to the game.

The Isle of Bigsnax has been added to the Bugsnax map, with two new zones for players to explore. Players can find new creatures and plants, as well as new enemies. They will face even more challenges in this zone with changes made to the food, temperature, and weather systems of Bugsnax.

There is also an all-new side quest line that introduces the player to all sorts of strange happenings around Bigsnax!

What is the game all about?

The game is fun and exciting. Players can explore and discover new information and parts of the world as they venture around. There are many events and adventures to go on, all the way to finishing one of the quests. Players can explore and find various items that can be used for combat, various crafting recipes, herbs, minerals, animals/creatures/mechanicals, etc.

There are many NPCs that are friendly or hostile, which requires players to either negotiate or battle them in order to progress forward. The game offers a lot of customizations that players can apply to their character, including facial features, hairstyle, hair color(s), clothes styles(s), accessories(s), etc.

The world offers many different zones which players can travel throughout. There is a world road system with lots of bridges and areas through which players can travel. There are also many hotspots throughout the world that will lead the player to different places and locations.

There is a market and many shops and stores in Bigsnax that sell various items that players can buy, sell, trade, or even barter with NPCs. Some of those items include:

As soon as the player has completed an area in the game, they can start exploring new places as well as go to special ‘destination’ areas such as:

The game offers small quests that are fun to play with; sometimes, other people may be looking for you, or other events may occur while playing.

Is the game available on Steam?

The Isle of Bigsnax is now available on Steam Early Access! Prices start at $14.99 for a single zone or $34.99 for the six-zone island pack, including both islands.

There are many ways to play the game. Players can start a new character and build them up from scratch or import a save file from another platform. The following options are available:
Players can either create a character from scratch, use a character from the previous Bugsnax zones, or import a save file from another platform.

In the basic version of Bugsnax there is no limit on how many characters you can have, then there is an option to have one free character at first as an option as well as having five more if players want full access to all of the Bugsnax content.

Players do not need to pay for any of these extras since they come with all of the others in one pack.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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