ISRO reveals a truth about Mars’ atmosphere

According to ISRO, Mars is losing its atmosphere to outer space at a faster pace. The organization has been researching the images sent by MOM.

The Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO, has been posting its finding of Mars’ atmosphere. According to the Mars orbital Mission(MOM) images, the planet is losing its atmosphere.

Not only Mars, but other terrestrial planets in the solar system are continually losing their atmosphere to the Cosmos. NASA’s Mars Orbiter, the Mars atmosphere, and the volatile evolution mission have the same findings.

What is ISRO?

The Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO, is the national space agency of India. The headquarters of the organization is in Bengaluru. The Prime Minister of India directly oversees the organization.

ISRO is the primary Space Organisation of the Republic of India. The annual budget of the organization is 1.9 billion USD per year. The organization was the first to pull off the Mars orbital mission on its Maiden attempt.

What is the Mars Orbiter mission?

The Mars Orbiter mission is a space probe orbiting the mass since 2014. The Mars Orbiter mission or the Mangalyaan is the first interplanetary mission of ISRO. The primary objective of the mission was to explore the surface features of Mars.

The mission’s primary tasks were to transfer the spacecraft from Earth’s Orbit to the trajectory and then to Mars’s orbit. ISRO was successful in the insertion of MOM in orbit around Mars.

The discovery of Mars’ atmosphere

According to the Space Organisation, the MOM was sending some images in 2018. In the first week of June 2018, they started noticing a global dust storm encircling the planet.

By the first week of July, the dust storm grew into its mature phase. After that, the heat of the dust storm started to reach the exobase altitude. The exhibit is altitude lies at 220 km above the ground.

However, when any gas reaches above the exobase altitude, it escapes to outer space. Since 2018, the ISRO and NASA have observed an increase in the neutral densities of the thermosphere of Mars.

In addition to that, the MOM the office uses the Mars exospheric neutral composition analyzer to measure the densities. All the gases on the surface of Mars are releasing to outer space rapidly.

In conclusion, the increasing dust storms in the lower atmosphere of the planet are the leading cause of the escape. The study of ISRO and NASA suggests that the red world is losing its atmosphere due to increased neutral densities.

Image courtesy of Aleksandra Sova/Shutterstock

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