Italian watchdogs ask TikTok to ban users whose age isn’t specified temporarily

The Italian watchdogs have to take this step after a 10-year-old girl’s death due to allegedly participating in a “blackout challenge” she saw on TikTok.

A news agency has confirmed that Italy’s data privacy authority has ordered the TikTok app to temporarily block the accounts of any users whose ages can’t be verified.

What led to this historic decision?

This order is granted due to the death of Palermo, who is only 10 years old.

The parents told the authorities that their daughter was participating in a “blackout challenge,” showing on the app. The child died due to asphyxiation.

The authorities are also investigating the case from many angles, whether anyone invited her to try the challenge.

The spokesperson of TikTok told the Verge that they are continuously strengthening their privacy and safety policies on Saturday through an email. They are also too much concerned to protect their young.

According to its policies, the users must be 13 years old to sign up for the account. The authorities said that, but it’s too easy to bypass this policy of TikTok.

TikTok is looking into this matter and deeming to make the content limited, provided to the children of less than 13 years old.

What is TikTok planning to do in the future?

TikTok will launch two versions of the app for different age groups by providing extra content on both the apps.

In the US, the company has two versions of their application, one is available for children of less than 13 years, and another is for adults. Both applications have different content.

TikTok has to develop such technology or some security policy to identify the age of its users accurately. By doing this, maybe they can be successful in terminating such death incidents of their valuable users.

The popularity of the TikTok app is continuously increasing day by day at an incredible pace. The administrative team of the app is also limiting its privacy and security policies.

In the last update, the company launched a new feature of Remote Parental control. Through this mode, parents can change the kid’s privacy settings.

Italian authority shows their concern to their citizens. Thus, they temporarily blocked the accounts of the TikTok users whose age is not specified.

As we know that the children are the future of every nation, it is a sensitive matter, and we have to look into it. Its parent company ByteDance is a Beijing-based company.

In 2019, ByteDance had to pay a 5.7 million dollars fine to the Federal Trade Commission. It was done due to violating the Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA).

In its earlier phase, TikTok is known as The temporary suspension of an unverified account in Italy bans TikTok to process the user’s data further.


Image courtesy of TikTok Philippines/YouTube Screenshot

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