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The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality has now raised more than $2.7 Million for charity organizations. launched the bundle last June 6. It gained 240,000 people in support. The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality includes 742 games from 567 creators on’s platform. With a base price of $5, gamers can get all the indie titles within the bundle itself.

All the proceeds from the bundle will go to the NAACP Legal Defense, and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split in the middle.

Video game industry in full support of racial justice protests

Over the past week, gaming companies pledged their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. As a way to support protests against racism and brutality against people of color, different companies gave various ways to help.

Some companies, like Guerrilla Collective and Summer of Gaming, moved their schedule. These teams did so to provide more platforms for the protests. Other video game companies pledged money to different black charities. Square Enix pledged $250,000, with a match to any donations their employees give.

Gaming storefronts offered something else. Known for its support of indie developers, Itch created a bundle that combines the work of hundreds of devs. This bundle is a way for the devs to give back to the fans too.

The Racial Equality bundle itself carries 742 games, many of which are notable indie games within the platform. The contents of the bundle are a large mixed bag of different games too. bundle offers many experimental and superb indie games

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality offers a big combination of different games on The games include experimental short titles that play upon a specific concept.

Others are game jams from different burgeoning devs trying their hand on some unique titles. Many are indie titles on their early access or still in testing too.

Apart from PC games, the bundle also includes many tabletop games in their digital format. Every penny from the bundle comes to two of the biggest black support charities in the world.

Some games in this bundle are worth more than $5 for the entire game. Getting all of them for $5 is a score that players won’t find anywhere else.

Games like A Short Hike, Night in the Woods, and Death and Taxes are super good. Quadrilateral Cowboy, Verdant Skies, and even the superb post-apocalyptic game Overland is in the bundle.

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality comes in support of people protesting against police brutality and racism. It will remain available on for $5 until June 15.

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