It’s Megan Fox versus killer lions in new action movie ‘Rogue’

Lionsgate has just released a new trailer for an action thriller called Rogue, and it features Megan Fox leading a team of soldiers against a pride of murderous lions.

Rogue is Lionsgate’s latest addition to its catalog of straight-to-VOD movies, and apart from its leading star Megan Fox (Transformers, Jennifer’s Body), the film also stars Philip Winchester, Jessica Sutton (The Kissing Booth, Escape Room), Brandon Auret, Adam Deacon, and Sisanda Henna.

The action movie is directed by M.J. Bassett, who worked from a script written by her and Isabel Bassett. Apart from directing duties, M.J. also produces along with Kyle Ambrose, Delon Bakker, and Molly Hassell.

Rogue is set for release on VOD (video on demand) on August 28.


In Rogue, lead star Megan Fox plays the role of Samantha O’Hara, who leads a team of soldiers on a mission in remote Africa.

This mission involves rescuing a group of people being held hostage by captors deep in the African bush.

The supposedly simple rescue mission soon takes a much darker turn as the team is left stranded in the safari.

Not only do they need to defend themselves against a nasty group of rebels, they now have to deal with pride of hungry and angry lionesses whose territory they have inadvertently encroached upon.

As far as plots go, Rogue’s may seem a bit B-movie-ish for some moviegoers’ tastes, but recent films have proven that seemingly simple plots can both deliver a good time for viewers, as well as earn some money. 2016’s The Shallows (starring Blake Lively) and last year’s Crawl (with Kaya Scodelario) are good examples of that.

Interestingly, the movies mentioned above happened to feature a female protagonist facing up against almost impossible odds and vicious wild animals (a great white shark and alligators, respectively).

With Rogue, Megan Fox should get an opportunity to tackle a similar challenge.

Rogue Megan Fox

Back in the lead

The upcoming release of Rogue will also see the 34-year-old actress get back to playing a meatier role.

It has been quite some time since the former Transformers star had taken on a more prominent role, with the possible exception perhaps of 2019’s The Battle of Jangsari, although it is true that she did feature visibly as April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) and its sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016).

Still, her fans should delight in the fact that she will not only be carrying Rogue on her shoulders, she will also be carrying some nasty weaponry and lethal combat skills.

Image 1 courtesy of Lionsgate and image 2 of s_bukley/Shutterstock

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