It’s now the Sacramento Kings’ turn to launch their own NFTs 

The National Basketball Association has been successful so far in its NFT venture called “NBA Top Shot” and the latest basketball team to get the NFT treatment is the Sacramento Kings. 

But this is not the first blockchain experience for the Kings. Back in 2014, the team was actually the first in the NBA to accept bitcoin as payment for ticket sales. 

In 2019, the team made another big blockchain leap by partnering with BlockParty to roll out its blockchain-powered gaming app and its first-ever token called “Kings Token.” 

And this year, it has made another innovation by offering a bitcoin payment option for both players and employees. They can even decide how much of their salary would be converted into crypto.

Next step, NFTs

After making major blockchain initiatives in the past few years, the Kings is now ready to make its biggest leap yet: Introducing its own NFTs. 

The basketball team debuted in 1985, making it a very young franchise in NBA standards, and its first NFT collection is meant to honor the team’s first season. 

Its collection, which will be called “1985 Inaugural Pin Collection” will feature 85 NFTs that will highlight the team’s first season in NBA. 

A rare NFT pin

The rarest NFT that the team will put in the auction is called “1985 Inaugural Season Opening Night Pin Rare Edition.” It is actually the exact replica of the team’s 1985 season pin. 

The winning bidder will have the privilege to customize it with his/her chosen name and number on the banner, which will be displayed on the King’s website and in the arena. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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