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ITZY leader Yeji reveals her ‘hatred’ for dancing as a child


‘Studio Choom’ named Yeji as their ‘Artist of the Month’ for March.

ITZY debuted under JYP Entertainment two years ago. Following the release of their first set of tracks and performances, they immediately received the attention of the public.

Like most K-Pop groups, the five-member all-female band drops tracks and albums from time to time. They made their last comeback, though, earlier in August amid the pandemic crisis.

As fans continue to wait for the group’s official return to the K-Pop scene, Studio Choom named Yeji as their “Artist of the Month” a few weeks ago. After the brief introduction, the dance-specialized channel premiered her dance cover for “River” on March 19.

It makes total sense why the platform featured the group leader. Aside from being the main dancer of ITZY, Yeji has also impressed the public with her talents and skills. But, the K-Pop idol herself revealed that she once “hated” dancing, according to Koreaboo.

Yeji of ITZY preferred singing over dancing

On Saturday, Studio Choom premiered the “choreo-record” of Yeji’s entire feature. In one of her engagements with the channel, she revealed her “love story with dancing.”

The ITZY leader said that she always dreamed of becoming a singer. As for dancing, she unveiled that she “hated” it.

Yeji did not, however, shared the exact details of when she realized this or when she had a change of heart. But, she did because of her sister and Wonder Girls.

She learned to love to dance because of her sister

In the same discussion, the ITZY idol said that her sister changed her mind about dancing. It all happened after Wonder Girls dropped their hit songs, “Tell Me” and “So Hot.”

Yeji continued that her sister got her to dance to these tracks alongside her. She immediately learned to love dancing and has since done it and even made a career out of it.

ITZY to make a comeback this April

The five members of the K-Pop group have appeared on different local shows and programs since their 2020 comeback. Before confirming their official return for this year, they celebrated their second anniversary with their fandom, MIDZY.

The K-Pop idols held a “fan party” on March 20. Hours after the live engagement, they released a special track titled “MIDZY.” They dedicated the song to their fandom, hence, the title.

Following the event, ITZY and JYP Entertainment confirmed their comeback next month. They also posted the official teasers for their upcoming material titled “Guess Who.” As noted, it will premiere on April 30 at 1 PM, KST.

Images courtesy of JYP Entertainment/YouTube

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