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Ivana Trump believes daughter Ivanka could be first female president


Ivana Trump believes that hers and Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, could be the US’s first female president.

Ivana Trump and Donald Trump got married in 1977 before heading for a divorce in 1992. Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump’s daughter from his first marriage.

Why does Ivana Trump feel so?

A report by the Hill states that Ivana Trump, President Trump’s ex-wife believes that her daughter Ivanka could be the next president. She added that her 38-year-old daughter knows everything that’s happening around. She is always at the White House, by her father’s side.

Ivana was on a British talk show called ‘Loose Women’, where she spoke about Ivanka and Trump. “I think she could be one day the first girl, or woman, president. Definitely,” Trump told the show’s hosts.

Ivana Trump is a former model and a businesswoman. Donald Trump and Ivana have three kids from their first marriage, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump.

President Trump picked his daughter’s name as a future presidential choice at a reelection campaign rally last month, after knocking Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. He also mentioned that the crowd keeps telling him that they want Ivanka, and he doesn’t blame them. He addressed at a rally in New Hampshire.

More about Ivana Trump’s interview

Ivana spoke on various other topics related to her personal and professional life. She talked about US First Lady Melania Trump and said that she’s reticent and doesn’t go to many places. As for her personal life, she maintained that they are in good terms with Donald Trump, and she has had many friends who are companions.

She further explained, “I go with them for meals, and now we don’t have any opera or anything, which I used to go to earlier, but I have a lot of friends, male friends, friends, and friends. Companionship yes, but not for the relationship.”

In her interview, she said that a lot of immigrants steal and rape women. This comment did not go down well with host Jane Moore. She added that immigrants should come to the country legally, get jobs, and pay taxes like the rest of the Americans. Adding to that, she spoke about how many of them don’t even dress American, and how they dress in whatever they want.

Speaking about her ex-husband and current US President, she quoted that she believes in everything that her ex-husband believes in and that they’re both Republican.

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