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Ivanka Trump admires step-mom Melania, body language expert says


Ivanka Trump admires her stepmother Melania Trump based on the way she carries herself, according to an expert.

Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump are the two women who are often seen with President Donald Trump. Many are wondering if the two get along well.

According to a body language expert, they do because the First Daughter admires the First Lady.

Ivanka Trump mirroring Melania shows she admires the FLOTUS

The First Lady has always made an effort to be glamorous whenever she steps out. No wonder Melania looks stunning in every outing with the POTUS.

According to Judi James, the FLOTUS’ “body language is more red carpet than White House,” which means she saw herself more as a beautiful attachment. The body language expert also suggested that Ivanka behaved in the same way.

James said Ivanka is mirroring Melania’s gestures. She added that it was a clue that she admired her stepmom.

“Ivanka’s body language is all about red carpet glamour, with the hand on the hip and the one knee bent in pose suggesting movie-star credentials,” James said.

“There’s clearly an attempt to suggest something of a challenge in this pose too, or a look of some inner steel. POTUS’s daughter appears to be mirroring or mimicking her stepmother Melania’s signature beauty queen pose, which could have implied some subliminal admiration for her.”

Melania and Ivanka’s alleged feud

There were claims that Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump are feuding. Many believed that they were competing with some alluding that the First Daughter was acting as the First Lady.

According to CNN correspondent Kate Bennett in her book, Free Melania and Ivanka are cordial but not close. She also added that the FLOTUS’ infamous “I really don’t care, do you” jacket was a jab at Ivanka. Melania reportedly did it because she felt that her stepdaughter was “invading her turf.”

Bennett added that Donald Trump’s political career created an odd dynamic between the two women. Trump’s wife and daughter were allegedly switching off front seat-back seat, which created friction.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mary Jordan also wrote in her book The Art of Her Deal that Melania blocked Ivanka’s plan to rename the First Lady’s Office. Meanwhile, the West Wing where Ivanka settled was allegedly “putting up roadblocks and purposely not lending support” to the FLOTUS’ office.

Real score between the FLOTUS and First Daughter

However, another body language expert has the same observation as James. Bruce Durham of BelievingBruce said Melania Trump was significant in Ivanka Trump’s growth.

Melania had contributions to Ivanka’s confidence. In fact, the FLOTUS served as the First Daughter’s “comfort blanket.”

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