Ivanka Trump could be the first woman president, mom Ivana says

Ivanka Trump could be the first woman president, mom Ivana says

Ivanka Trump could follow her dad, Donald Trump, in the White House and become the first woman president, according to her mom, Ivana Trump.

Ivanka Trump is one of the ardent supporters of her dad in the White House. Both of her parents, Donald and Ivana Trump, are confident that she could carry out the duties of a POTUS.

Ivanka Trump and the presidency

Ivana Trump spoke on the Loose Women about her life and family. In the interview, Ivanka, who serves as her dad’s senior adviser, was mentioned. Ivana is a proud mom when it comes to her daughter. She even believes that Ivanka could be the first woman president.

“I tell you, I think, she’s in the White House every day, you know? She’s next to her father every day. She knows all what is going around,” Ivana said.

“I think she could be one day the first woman president, definitely. She’s smart as hell, she’s beautiful, she’s au courant. How much more you can have?”

Donald Trump says Ivana is hard to beat

Just like Ivana Trump, Donald Trump is confident with her daughter running the country. In an interview with The Atlantic earlier this year, he expressed her confidence in his daughter Ivanka Trump as president. In fact, he believed that if Ivanka would join the presidential race, she would be “very, very hard to beat.”

Donald described Ivanka as a natural diplomat and was confident that she would do great at the United Nations. When asked why she didn’t nominate his daughter for the post, the POTUS said he didn’t do so because the public would consider it “nepotism.”

The president also shared that she considered Ivanka for the World Bank because she is very good with numbers. Aside from her skills, Trump proudly said that Ivanka has a calm nature and tremendous presence.

“She’s got a great calmness … I’ve seen her under tremendous stress and pressure. She reacts very well—that’s usually a genetic thing, but it’s one of those things, nevertheless,” Donald said.

Donald boasted about fake award

In related news, Donald Trump was criticized on Twitter for mentioning a non-existent award. In one speech and post on Twitter, he took pride in his relationship with the Cubans. Trump also said that they gave him the “Bay of Pigs Award,” which was a big honor.

However, the netizens slammed the POTUS because when they searched for it, they couldn’t find such recognition. Meanwhile, Daniel Dale, a report from CNN, said he probably meant the endorsement he received from the Bay of Pigs Associations four years ago.


Image used courtesy of ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

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