Ivanka Trump for president: Donald getting daughter ready for presidency


Ivanka Trump has already gained a number of supporters, in case she runs for president. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff said earlier Donald Trump is preparing her for the presidency.

Ivanka Trump may follow the footsteps of her dad. Donald Trump has been upfront when it comes to his confidence in Ivanka as the next head of the nation.

According to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump’s former senior advisor, Donald is already prepping Ivanka to fill The Oval Office. Several Twitter users are ready to support the first daughter.

Ivanka Trump for president

Ivanka Trump has already gained several supporters in case she joins the 2024 presidential race. One said if Donald Trump wins in the election, Ivanka should run for president after her father.

“I strongly believe that 2024 will be a ladies run for president and she would definitely win and then his sons should run after,” one wrote.

“IVANKA TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2024!!!” another added.

Donald Trump preparing Ivanka for president

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff appeared on Channel 9 Australia’s 60 Minutes and she spoke about Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka. According to her, the first family wants to keep the power in their hands with Trump planning to pass down the presidency to his daughter.

“The fact that he’s literally getting Ivanka ready to become a President and already putting that in people’s minds is just insane,” Wolkoff said as quoted by Express.

She noted how the First Daughter has served as her dad’s advisor since 2017. In addition, Ivanka Trump frequently takes the center stage at Republican events and rallies.

What’s Melania’s thoughts about Donald’s alleged plans

Melania Trump is “complicit” in Donald Trump’s plan to have Ivanka as the next president. The First Lady was “not unhappy” with Ivanka being positioned for the presidency, the former adviser claimed.

“She has succumbed to her stepdaughter’s ability to squash her as the First Lady to do anything effective to affect change,” Wolkoff continued.

“If Donald had to pick between, you know, branding Ivanka or branding Melania, well, he’s already shown us who he’s branded, right?”

Ivanka’s family supportive of her political career

Donald Trump previously told The Atlantic that Ivanka Trump is very hard to beat once she runs for president. The president also lauded Ivanka’s great calmness because she knows how to remain calm under tremendous stress and pressure.

Trump also mentioned that Ivanka would do great at the United Nations. When asked why he didn’t nominate her for the post, Donald said he avoided it because the public would consider it “nepotism.”

Ivanka’s mom, Ivana Trump, shares the same stand when it comes to the former being the next president. She believed that Ivanka could be the first woman president in the United States.

Ivana told Loose Women that Ivanka is always in the White House every day next to Donald. The proud mom added that her daughter knows everything that is going around.

“I think she could be one day the first woman president, definitely. She’s smart as hell, she’s beautiful, she’s au courant. How much more you can have?” Ivana said about daughter Ivanka.

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