Ivanka Trump rebranding, fashion change allegedly suggests political career: report

Ivanka Trump rebranding, fashion change allegedly suggests political career: Report

Ivanka Trump made a noticeable change in her fashion style, and many believed that she is rebranding herself for a potential political career.

Ivanka Trump ditched her heels for flats and formal outfits for a white shirt and skinny jeans in her recent sightings. Many believed that she intentionally changed her wardrobe for a purpose.

Ivanka Trump allegedly rebranding herself

Ivanka Trump is known for her fashion as she always looks good on whatever she wears. However, her fans noticed that she dressed differently lately.

According to reports, Ivanka’s change in wardrobe is suggesting that she’s pursuing a career in politics. In her recent sightings, many noticed that she has been wearing sneakers, a white polo, and skinny jeans to make herself more relatable.

“But just as her father campaigned on the false image of being an outsider and champion of the working class, Ivanka now finds herself in the midst of a precarious rebranding,” style writer Alaina Dimopoulos wrote as quoted by Express.

“If she wants to redeem herself, she will have to come back as the polished but relatable supermom.”

Ivanka allegedly believes she will be the first female president

Ivanka Trump has been rumored to have political ambitions. Several sources claimed that Donald Trump’s daughter plans to join the next presidential race.

According to Michael Wolff, she was balancing the risks and rewards, but her pals were against the idea of her joining politics. However, Ivanka got the support of her family and allegedly entertained the thought of her becoming the first woman president.

Donald and Ivanka supportive of daughter

Ivanka Trump’s parents are supportive of her running for president. In fact, in a previous interview, former President Donald Trump said he was confident of Ivanka leading the country. The ex-POTUS was also convinced that her rivals would have a hard time beating her if she would run for president.

There were rumors that Trump was already prepping his daughter to be the next president. Many were convinced that it was the case, especially that Ivanka had always taken the center stage at the Republican events and rallies.

Ivanka’s mom, Ivana Trump, was also positive about her daughter’s leadership skills. In fact, Ivana believed her daughter could be the first woman president in the United States. 

Ivanka served as one of her dad’s advisors when Trump was still in the Oval office. According to Ivana, Ivanka knows everything that is going around. She also praised Ivanka for being smart, beautiful, and au courant.


Image used courtesy of Nicki Swift/YouTube Screenshot

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